Why A Cruise Holiday Should Be On Your Bucket List


Many of us dream about going on a cruise, yet due to the mundane distractions of everyday life, we never actually get around to it. Here’s why you should treat yourself this year by making sure you finally book the cruise holiday of a lifetime:

It’s Stress-Free

Planning a non-cruise holiday can feel like a mission. Deciding where to stay (full-board, hotel, B&B, aparthotel etc.), where to eat (beware the Tripadvisor rabbit hole!), what sights to tick off, and how you get to your destination can be time-consuming, frustrating and often stressful.

But because the cruise line organises your entire itinerary, all you need to worry about is getting to your port of departure. This is especially convenient if you’re travelling with a big group.

Visit Many Destinations

It’s stating the obvious, but make sure to remember that when you are on a cruise, you will still spend plenty of time on land.

The Mediterranean, for example, has an abundance of destinations and whichever cruise line you choose, whether you go on Royal Caribbean cruises, MSC Cruises or others, they will take you to them all. Tick off locations such as Lisbon, Madeira, Valenica, Copenhagen and many more from your wish list.

On one cruise holiday, you can travel to many destinations and enjoy different places and countries. This is all done without the need for booking hotels, catching connecting flights or the chore of arranging extra transportation.

You also only need to unpack once when you’re onboard which is a handy advantage, especially considering you’ll be visiting multiple destinations.

Your cruise ship may dock at one destination, but scheduling will allow you to travel to other inland destinations from there. Visiting attractions on land with organised cruise ship groups means even if you run late the ship won’t sail without you! But equally, you are free to explore tourist hotspots under your own steam and guidance.

Cruise Ship Facilities

Cruise ships have so much to offer on board. Staying on a ship is essentially like being on a floating hotel or, on some of the mega liners, like a floating small town! With huge swimming pools, spas, rock climbing, games rooms and karaoke bars, you will never be bored.

There are kids’ clubs that cater to young children, tweens and teens. There are also babies and toddlers’ clubs that allow mums and dads to get away to enjoy onboard facilities or the attractions of the ports they dock at.  

And of course, whether you choose buffet-style meals or fine dining the array of food is exceptional on cruises. Most cruise lines offer full-board, which means your accommodation, food and entertainment are all included in the price. 

Make New Friends

It is a uniquely friendly experience to go on a cruise. When setting out to sea you can be as sociable as you want to be. There are so many onboard activities where you can meet other people even if you’re travelling solo. You can meet people at the many different dining options, quizzes, special interest groups, shore excursions, the gym and many other places. If you want to meet new people on a cruise, you will!

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