Three Ideas For Easy Seasonal Home Updates

Whenever we shift from winter to spring, or summer to autumn, there’s always much chatter around home improvements. Some people see spring as the time to emerge from winter hibernation, declutter and freshen up rooms, whilst for others autumn is really the “true” start of a new year (after all, who on earth is inclined to decorate in early January, certainly not me!)

But if a complete room overhaul isn’t needed or feels like too much effort, here are some other ways you can switch up your interiors on different budgets and still be able to create a fresh new look.

Prints Instead Of Paint

I don’t think it’s ever been easier to use art and other media to add interest to the walls of our home. When I grew up, anything hung on the walls was either an heirloom or had to have meaning – of course that’s lovely but it makes us less prone to change things up.

I’d love to have the budget for original pieces but we simply don’t so it’s now more important to curate memories: postcards from our travels for example or prints of places we love here in London. It’s also easier to hang things – less knocking nails into walls (and remember the days of blu-tac posters leaving oily residue?) but using Command strips as an alternative or even using the picture rail if you have them to hang from.

It doesn’t have to just be art or posters though – shallow baskets, plates, plants, decorative shelving are all easy, cost-effective ways to style a room.

Have Fun With Lighting

They say that lighting is one of the most important elements to consider when planning a room design, and it’s something I’ll really have to think hard about when we work on our ground floor extension.

Time was, lighting was purely functional and as we all know, homes *should* come with at least ceiling or wall lights when you buy them (whether or not you’ve got any light bulbs is another matter!)

For me though, lighting is all about low-level – table lamps, floor lamps, under-shelf lighting. We have inset spotlights in our kitchen ceiling along with under-cupboard lighting and in 7 years I’ve probably only put the ceiling lights on once a year, they feel so stark and intrusive.

Think about using lighting in your home to really change the atmosphere and mood of a room, especially with the changing seasons. Despite this recent little late summer heatwave, autumn is nearly here and it’s the perfect time to whip out those fairy lights and get everything cosy for the colder days and nights. Consider warm white lights rather than bright white, which can often look a little cold and almost blue.

Radiate Style

One of my favourite ways to add interest to a room is with radiators! Granted they’re not always the first feature we think about when updating our homes but I have an absolute soft spot for them, since we’ll be here in our home for the long term and I see it as a worthwhile investment.

Gone are the days of the bland white 1970’s style radiators that let’s face it most of us consider hiding with radiator covers. There is now a huge range of modern radiators available to home owners in just about any finish and colour under the sun – we’ve gone for a customised colour called Gunmetal on the ones we’ve replaced so far and they look so stylish.  

Not forgetting of course the huge array of radiator types from flat panel radiators, column radiators, designer radiators and even vertical radiators. I’ve seen radiators in the shape of a coat hanger, circular and zigzag – these days it seems, anything is possible. Don’t forget to match your valves too, you know details are everything 😉

I hope this has helped you with some ideas of ways in which you can update your home décor for any budget. If the idea of redecorating a room with paint and wallpaper seems too daunting, remember there are so many ways to achieve the look you’re after without too much effort.

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