The Ultimate Makeup Guide For Women Over 40

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If there’s one thing I love about being well and truly in my 40s (less than 6 months until I turn 44!), it’s being so completely comfortable in my own skin. Growing older is a natural process that is completely unavoidable. But like fine wines and fancy cheese, we just get better with age, and I certainly feel that way. One of the best things about getting older is finding confidence and comfort in your skin and embracing the natural features you do best.

However, there is nothing wrong with changing your skincare and beauty routines to accommodate your new needs, protecting and supporting your skin to keep it looking hydrated and flawless. The same can be said for your makeup selection.

Choosing the best products from brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills or Maybelienne that suit your skin tone and type can help you create timeless and elegant makeup looks that will carry you well into mid-life.

Skin Prep Is Key

Proper skin prep is an essential step for all women when applying makeup, but it’s vital for women over 40. It should be done both in the morning and at night, as dry skin will cause your foundation to look chalky and uneven or too oily if you select the wrong products.

Applying a gentle cleanser with a soft linen cloth is the ideal way to start any routine. At night, you should use a moisturiser that also works to firm and lift the skin. Alternatively, in the morning, your moisturiser should work in conjunction with your desired makeup finish, giving you an overall healthy-looking appearance.

Make Mascara Work For You

If you are unhappy with how the skin on your upper eyelid is starting to slack, take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Many women share similar negative feelings once they begin to age. While there is nothing wrong with growing older, a few coats of your favourite volumising mascara can give you an instant eye lift by making your lashes stand out. 

Top beauty brands like L’Oreal, Anastasia Beverly Hills and MAC cosmetics all have mascaras with a classic volumising formula that makes your lashes appear thick and full without clumping or smudging.

Choose The Perfect Foundation

It may seem like an obvious statement to make, but choosing the proper foundation will guarantee you are left with a natural-looking makeup application and finish. Experts recommend choosing a shade that will warm your natural skin tone without drastically darkening your face. 

A foundation with a velvet-matte finish is lightweight, working to blur and smooth over uneven texture. If you are after a full coverage product, a soft-matte complete foundation is sweat-proof and transfer resistant. Additionally, it contains beneficial ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and protect it from blue light damage.

Embrace Concealer

The perfect concealer will leave you looking bright and refreshed like you have just woken up from 8 blissful hours of quality sleep. Your ideal choice effortlessly covers dark circles, spots and blemishes without leaving noticeable and unflattering creases. 

Since the skin around your eyes is much drier as you age, choosing a concealer that has a more liquid consistency will prevent the product from feeling heavy and uncomfortable on your skin. If you want to avoid drawing attention to wrinkles or crow’s feet, apply it only to the inner halves of your under-eye area to cover up dark marks.

Don’t Skip The Lip Liner

Lining your lips with a matching tone to prevent your lipstick from bleeding is not a new concept. However, completely covering your lips in your liner of choice first will not only help extend the colour’s lifespan without drying out your lips but allow your product to apply in a smooth and even manner. 

As women get older, their lips tend to lose volume. To compensate for this, should you want to, applying a lip liner right on the edge or a bit outside their natural borders creates the appearance of instantly fuller lips. Should you choose to use this technique, choose a neutral-toned colour or one that matches your lip colour.

Never Forget Blush

Blush is one beauty product you should never skip in your makeup routine. It instantly adds a brightening and healthy glow to your face with one quick sweep. When choosing the perfect colour, you should avoid any option that is too frosty. Peachy and pink tones are ideal for all skin tones and can be worn from day to night. 

A common mistake many make when applying blush is placing it too low on the cheeks. Your application should begin at the apple of your cheek and blend upwards and back to define your features.

Top Tips To Remember

As women get older, they often start to choose makeup looks that are sophisticated, elegant and timeless. Your skin undergoes many changes with age, and your makeup and skin products and techniques need to change as well. While you may have piled on the products in your youth, using high-quality essentials allows you to keep the products at a minimum without compromising on your final look. 

For this reason, it is worthwhile taking the extra time to learn more about the products you are buying. Selecting options that are suitable for mature skin, have rejuvenating, nourishing, plumping and firming properties and match your skin type and tone should be top of your priority list. 

Alongside a revamped skincare and makeup routine, embracing a healthy lifestyle will help you maintain your overall skin health and keep you looking flawless at any age.

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