Taking Our Time: Karlsson Vintage Wall Clock

Red Candy Karlsson Wall Clock

Do you ever properly ‘finish’ a room before you get another one on the go? Or do you have several projects running at once? We recently gave our home office a bit of a makeover but I’m still working on the final finishing pieces. We’ve been after a new clock to go on the wall for a little while. Something to fit with the colour scheme but to stand out in it’s own right. My Mum gave us this very dainty wall-clock some years ago but well a) it was purple and b) it was SO stylish we couldn’t actually tell the time.

Thankfully the amazing site Red Candy came to my rescue and kindly gifted us the replacement wall clock which I absolutely love. If you haven’t come across Red Candy, pay them a visit tout suite. Describing themselves as ‘quirky homeware, kitchen accessories and gifts’ is spot on. They also don’t like beige, and well, I don’t either really.

I could have easily had a virtual trolley dash but decided to think about what we really needed for our home. Especially at this stage when most rooms really still need to undergo major renovations. In the end I opted for the ‘Karlsson Vintage Square Glass Clock‘ in white and copper and it’s perfect for our room.

The frosted glass effect offsets against the dark grey wall and the copper numbers fit in with the rest of the peach/copper colour scheme. It’s not small so don’t be fooled and measures 35cm x 35cm but even a small room can carry it off. Pete popped it up on to the wall with a proper drill piece and it’s battery operated so very easy to slot right into your home.

So it’s one more item ticked off the list and now Pete can’t pretend he doesn’t know what time it is when I’m calling him for dinner. I’ll definitely be back to Red Candy to see what other items I can pick out for our home and maybe it’s not too early to mention a Christmas list…

Red Candy Karlsson Wall Clock

Red Candy Karlsson Wall Clock

Red Candy Karlsson Wall Clock

Disclaimer: Red Candy very kindly gifted me the Karlsson Vintage Square Glass Clock in return for an honest review. As always, I only ever accept product from a brand I love and would genuinely use. 

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