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Gone are the days of paper-heavy events. Conferences use virtual check-in and apps to follow the programme and we now rely so much on the internet from everything to planning a wedding to throwing a party. This helps to keep the event sustainable. But it’s also cheaper, quicker, and more convenient to use things like digital invitations and event check-in apps.

Find Services Online

The web is great for finding anything you need. Today, modern implementations of local SEO mean you can find what you need at your doorstep. For example, you will get tons of results after searching “wedding caterers near me” from great services that are registered with Google My Business. However, not all services need to be local. For example, you can buy party favors from reputable sellers on Amazon or even use services like VistaPrint for custom goodies.

Digital Invitations and eVites

Invitations to events can be a considerable expense. And buying paper invitations that will probably just be thrown in the bin is far from sustainable. You can save time, money, and the planet with digital invitations. These can be as simple as Facebook messages or as fancy as using specific eVite software. Some of the best include Evite, Eventzilla, and Greenvelope. These offer fully customizable templates that you can send by email or SMS with RSVP tracking.

Brainstorm to Plan an Event

It can be hard to come up with ideas for an event. From your own wedding to the office New Year party, everyone wants different things. Today, you can get input from guests (not for your wedding, of course) using collaboration and real-time messaging tools. Social media also allows you to set up private groups. So the next time you’re stuck for ideas, use some of these fast and convenient methods to allow everyone to have their say or even put things to a vote with polling.

Use Event Check-In Apps

Depending on the event, there are certain liability concerns. It helps to know who is in attendance and who is not. This can help in the event of an emergency and save lives. Paper lists are fine, but it means you have to pay someone to stand outside and check people in. But you can use event check-in apps like EventX and Schedule for real-time data about who is at your event. This also enhances the security of the event and keeps personal and private data out of the public.

Book Dates and Times Online

One of the most convenient things about web services is you can complete them quickly and easily. This is no more apparent than when you book events. Almost every hall, venue, or hotel has online services for booking your time and facilities for your event. So, no more waiting on hold to speak to an event manager or wasting time. These services also let you know immediately which dates are and are not available for booking your next great event.

You can find services online to plan an event, such as a wedding. But if you are stuck for ideas, you can also use collaboration apps and social media to get input from everyone. And using online services, you can book accommodation and event rooms and halls quickly online.

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