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Ink and Drop Neon Print

Now that we’re working on the dining room it feels like all of a sudden there is so much space I can start to think about decorating. We never really bothered before, not even hanging things on the walls because it just didn’t seem like much point for a space we didn’t bother using. Now the walls are wallpapered and painted I can’t help turning my attention to décor.

I have had my heart set on a neon light for a while, featuring a customised print. Putting a shout out on Instagram one evening, there were some amazing small business suggestions that pinged into my DMs which looked incredible but I quickly realised the quote I wanted was going to cost between £500 and £700 which is money that I definitely don’t have.

Someone very helpfully suggested small business Ink and Drop, who make neon prints which can be customised amongst a whole host of other quirky art. Being a woman on a mission I didn’t explore everything they stock but all their artwork is unique and created in studio by their designers so you’re guaranteed to find something a little more out of the ordinary.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what on EARTH was so special about the quote that had me scouring high and low to find it? About 6 years ago I read a YA novel and there was a sentence in there so powerful it made me burst into tears which considering how generally unsentimental I am, shocked no-one more than me. It’s prose so beautiful that its stayed with me ever since and I knew it would be perfect for the smaller alcove in our dining room:

“You are so busy being you that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are”

Yep siree. Forget “I love you” or “you’re beautiful”. This. THIS is romance on the very highest level. Imagine saying this to someone, imagine knowing someone so much better than they even know themselves! Le sigh. The novel in questions is called “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Greene and I thoroughly recommend a read but be warned, it is emotional.

Ink and Drop

The ordering process at Ink and Drop could not have been more straightforward. There’s a range of neon styles and colours to choose from, however if you want a slightly longer customisation like this one then the font is limited to this style, but that was perfect for me as I loved it anyway. In terms of text colour you can also pick from green, blue and yellow, and for sizes ranging from 21x30cm up to 70x100cm.

What I also love is the helpful tips – for example, the artwork comes in either a matt or gloss finish, and I’d normally always choose matt. However, Ink and Drop suggest that for the neon to really pop in the same way a light would, gloss is a better print finish. And last but by no means least, they also now provide a choice of frames so you can order your print and frame at the same time which is exactly what I did. I’ve got so many prints, pictures and postcards lying around that I’d love to get up on the walls but I always struggle to find reasonably priced frames plus the right style especially if you’re trying to order online.

My order was placed late on a Thursday night and was delivered before 9am the following Monday, with free UK P&P over £28. Ok, I’m basically obsessing over this place and I’m quite sure it won’t be my last order but as Christmas is around the corner and I know lots of you like to support small businesses you may want to take a peep and see if there’s anything you like. A cheeky little tip that if you subscribe to their newsletter you can get 15% off your first order…just saying!

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