How To Shop For The Man In Your Life

So the time is fast approaching. Christmas is nearly here and I have the affliction. The problem of being with someone who you never know what to buy for. I mean, ever. Plus, Pete’s birthday is in early December so it’s a double-whammy even though you could argue I have a whole year to prepare each time. It doesn’t make it easier.

Solutions come in the form either of a little mini-break (we went to Dublin one year, Boston another) or things for the house. Thankfully he’s also quite open to me buying clothing and I’ve become adept at shopping for him. I can’t always be bothered to brave the high street but there are plenty of sites such as Jacamo with a wide variety of clothing options.

Here are my top tips for buying clothing for the man your life:

Practicality vs. Style

If you’re thinking about work clothes, your choice may be limited. Pete has to be smart for work and so tailored shirts and trousers would be my first choice. It seems that only those in creative jobs get away with a bit of flare and most workers I come across in London are in a uniform of dark suits and plain shirts. Not terribly exciting but needs must.

What Do They Need?

Outside of work, Pete tends to be a jeans and jumper kind of guy. Having a Springer Spaniel means a lot of time is spent on long, muddy dog walks. So as much as I swoon over snazzy shirts in shop windows, he doesn’t really have many opportunities to wear them. I think deep down he’d love a Barbour jacket or a wax men’s gilet to look the part when we walk the dog, although when my brother (who is a proper country mouse versus us town mice) gave him a flat cap, it didn’t go down that well)…

Put Your Best Foot Forward

I *think* he has more pairs of shoes than I do. Thankfully we both have similar taste when it comes to footwear for him, liking bright colours for trainers and a smart brogue style or Chelsea boot for work. Call me old-fashioned but loafers are not a good look, not for him anyway. I think they’re a young man’s shoe personally. And slippers, slippers always make a great gift right? I’d be over the moon with multiple pairs of slippers!

Dress It Up

There is nothing better than a guy in a stunning watch like a pocket watch from Dalvey. I’m pretty sure I have a watch fetish in fact. Pete’s not really a watch wearer but he does have a pretty awesome collection of cufflinks so they’re always a failsafe option. He doesn’t have to wear a tie for work but could, and again, they’re one of my favourite items to buy. I’m a little jealous that ties for women isn’t really a thing, perhaps I could start a trend.

Keep The Receipt!

He’s also so gallant in accepting the gifts I buy, but it doesn’t escape my attention that some of the items do go unworn and perhaps eventually disappear.

With so many of us preferring to be organised and do our Christmas shopping early, it’s vital to keep the receipt but also remember that unsuitable items need to be returned within a limited time frame. Keep in mind consumer rights and this article about your options for returning good might prove useful too.

Do you struggle to find gifts for your other half? I’d love to hear your tips!

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