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We have a dog – bet you didn’t know that did you? Because I never talk about her, ever. And I haven’t named half the blog after her…but as much as we absolutely adore her, dogs smell. Well, in fact most animals give off some kind off odour and if you’ve grown up in a home full of animals as I’ve done, you’re able to tell pet homes versus non-pet homes with one whiff. I spent the best part of 13 years living without animals between when I left home and when we got Maddie and every time I went back to my Mum’s my question always was whether they ever gave their dog a bath.

Somehow I’m very definitely not immune to unpleasant odours and Pete regularly jokes that I was a bloodhound in a previous life and it seems that no amount of plug ins and scented candles can cope with our combination of dirty dog and musty 80 year old house odours. We have windows open even on the coldest days and try to air the house as much as we can but it just doesn’t smell as fragrant as I want it to and I’m constantly on the hunt for the next best thing to try and help combat it.


Step up Organic Aromas who recently sent me one of their beautiful ‘Raindrop’ Essential Oil Diffusers all the way from Taiwan and who are soon to launch in the UK market. I’ve never tried a diffuser or nebulizer before but my main question to most hotels when Pete and I go away is “what scent does your hotel use? and “how are you diffusing it?” Because high-end hotels smell A-MAY-ZING. As does Heal’s department store on Tottenham Court Road, we were there a few weeks ago and I was hunting high and low trying to work out where their aromas were coming from. If money was no object I possibly would have some kind of air conditioning system installed which would pump out the perfect blend throughout my home, no joke.


So let’s talk about the Organic Aromas ‘Raindrop’ diffuser. First of all, it looks beautiful and even though it’s come from the other side of the world it was so carefully packaged that it was all completely unharmed in transit. It has the smoothest plantation hardwood base, with a cushioned slightly tactile padding on the bottom so it won’t scratch any surfaces or risk sliding and instead almost sticks in a very mild sense to wherever it’s placed. It feels beautiful, it looks beautiful and once our hallway is finished I think it would look perfect on our console table.

The main glass chamber comes separately and you pop it into place on top of the base before dropping in some of your favourite essential oils. One of the best things about the diffuser is unlike regular oil burners you don’t need to dilute with water plus a little goes a really long way. I received a bottle of the Signature oil blend to try with the diffuser and a couple of drops permeate the most clean-smelling and relaxing scent throughout the house, even up to the top floor. It’s definitely the best performing scent transporter that I’ve had so far including the very well regarded Diptyque candles which smell amazing but don’t make it up two flights of stairs.



With an adjustable ‘volume’ switch, you can control the amount of oil that’s diffused, as it cycles through 2 minutes on, one minute off and then automatically switches off after 2 hours so you don’t have to worry about wasting energy if you forget to switch it off. It’s easy to clean by dropping a small amount of alcohol into the custom blown glass chamber to remove any oil residue before switching out to something new – I have quite a few essential oil blends and have found they all work just as well as those provided by Organic Aromas.


Image courtesy of Organic Aromas

My only minor criticism and it’s really a very small one is that I’d like the light which cycles through colours to have the option of being fixed on one light if the customer prefers it – as much as I love colour, when it comes to lighting I really prefer plain and clean lights so would always opt for white lights rather than multi-coloured ones and think this detracts marginally from the sophisticated style of the overall product. I think I’m possibly alone in that opinion however since a lot of the customer reviews say they love the coloured cycling lights and find them relaxing.

**As a little NB to this, Organic Aromas have advised that it is possible to have a customised light setting so you can have it set on one colour if you let them know when placing the order, and are working on manufacturing future designs with a light switch. Splendid!**


All in all though, I’m really delighted with this diffuser, even when not in use it’s such a beautiful item to have around, easy to use and maintain and would make a wonderful gift. Most importantly we’ve finally found something that can tackle Maddie’s wet dog smell head on and come up smelling of roses. I’d absolutely recommend a purchase to see for yourself just what a difference it will make to your home and if you think about how much you’d spend over time on the regular plug in air fresheners, it’s really great value for money.

Thank you to Organic Aromas for sending me the Raindrop diffuser and Signature oil blend free in return for a review. All words, opinions and images are my own unless otherwise stated.

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