Safety First, The Next DIY Projects

SafetyAtHomeSummer may be coming to an end but for me it just means the start of new projects (or should I say, resuming old ones). As much as I love the long days and the heat, it makes me feel like it’s such a waste to be indoors working on the house. Especially when I spend all day inside an air-conditioned office.

So the summer can often make me hugely unproductive around the house and with the arrival of autumn, a renewed sense of all the things we want to get finished by Christmas. One of my favourite DIY accounts to follow Kezzabeth is SO inspiring. As a couple they leave no stone unturned in their quest to completely renovate their Victorian terraced home themselves and always have just the right equipment to do it.

This is something where I’m lacking. Even from simple tasks like screwing furniture together I never have the right tools. It’s not that we don’t own them, it’s that either I don’t know where they live or can’t be bothered to rummage around in the garage trying to find them. I have one screwdriver that lives in the house which I use for just about everything even though it takes me ten times as long because it’s rarely the right fit.

Using the wrong equipment is precisely how accidents happen too. And as in a few months time I’m going to find myself with a bit more time to tackle more house projects I’m determined to put personal protection first. So far since we’ve lived in this house, I’ve partially sanded our staircase without goggles or a breathing mask, hung off the scaffolding (literally) to paint the hanging tiles on the front of the house and stripped wallpaper without worrying at all about me. If like me you’re determined to improve your DIY safety then Engelbert Strauss is the go-to place. A family-owned fourth-generation global business, they supply everything from tools to workwear and I’d even quite fancy a pair of Mario Brothers overalls for my next plans.

So what IS next for #projectselondonhome? Well. I HAVE to finish that staircase restoration. I started four years but it’s been untouched for at least the last 3. I want to give a bit of our patio a little Indian Summer makeover too. And then there’s a lot of woodwork painting around the house. You name it, there will always be at least one project on the go and I need to make sure I’m properly equipped for the job.

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