Renovating A Bathroom On A Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

Who doesn’t love a budget quick and easy makeover? And when it comes to bathrooms, I’ve done not one but two mini-makeovers that have really transformed the spaces. 

Renovating a bathroom on a budget without sacrificing quality is entirely possible with some strategic choices and careful planning. Start by prioritizing the most impactful changes, such as updating fixtures and adding a fresh coat of paint. Opt for affordable yet stylish tiles and consider resurfacing the bathtub instead of replacing it. One key upgrade is the installation of a shower glass panel, which can instantly modernize the space while being cost-effective compared to fully enclosed shower units. By mixing DIY efforts with selective splurges, you can achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank.

You may think that renovating your bathroom will cost a lot of money. But by being savvy in the way you approach the revamp, you can create a beautiful bathroom on a budget without having to sacrifice quality.

Spruce Up Your Existing Bathroom And Sink

If your bath and bathroom sink are looking tired, you may simply need to give them a deep clean and replace the sealant.

Baking soda is ideal for removing built-up grime and sealant is easy to apply. Simply use a Stanley knife to cut away the old sealant and use a cartridge gun to apply the new sealant.

It will only cost you a few pounds to get your bath and sink back in a sparkling condition that looks brand-new and that means you can avoid the cost of replacing your bath and sink. You can also think about revamping the bath panel too by giving it a lick of paint.

Buy Second-Hand Items

If you want to actually renovate your bathroom by adding a new bath, sink, or shower, you can do so inexpensively without having to sacrifice quality by buying second-hand goods.

Furthermore, purchasing used items allows you to find more bespoke pieces than you would be able to find in retail stores that sell new bathroom products.

However, you may wish to buy new items like baths, sinks, and showers, and then cut down the budget that you spend on revamping the rest of your bathroom.

Bigger projects may require a loan, though, so you should check your credit score to see if you can qualify for a home renovation loan. Take a look at this helpful article to find out how to check credit scores.

You may even be able to find brand-new items that are being sold at low prices due to minor cosmetic damage.

Also, if you have good DIY skills and plumbing knowledge, you may be able to fit things like baths and sinks yourself to avoid the cost of hiring a professional to install the items for you.

Retile And Paint

You can completely transform your old bathroom by simply retiling and painting.

For tiling, all you need to do is buy new tiles, grout, and a knife, and then spend a few hours removing your existing tiles and grouting the new ones.

And you can paint other items in your bathroom besides the walls to make the space look like a completely new environment. I’ve painted my en-suite door, towel rail, toilet roll holder and shower fixings and it’s made such a difference.

Revamp Your Storage

You can easily find second-hand cabinets or inexpensive shelves to revamp your bathroom storage.

And by considering practicalities as well as aesthetics, you can make your bathroom space much more attractive and easier to clean.

Hide away things that are currently on display by using clever storage solutions to make the room look neater.

Replace The Lighting

If you currently have lighting that causes harsh light, such as strip lighting, you should consider replacing it.

You can replace lighting yourself, as long as you know what you are doing, to avoid the expense of hiring an electrician.

Many new lighting fixtures are affordable, but you also have the option of buying second-hand lighting fixtures.

With the right soft lighting, you can completely transform the look and atmosphere of your bathroom and make it into a space where you can relax in the bath or shower.

Change The Flooring

There are all kinds of flooring solutions available. You could replace your bathroom’s existing flooring with linoleum, plastic tiles, slate tiles, or wood panels, to name just a few options. You could even paint your existing vinyl floor.

Using an inexpensive vinyl in our bathroom and also painting the older vinyl in our en-suite has totally transformed the looks of both spaces.

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