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Now that the clocks have changed and Halloween is just around the corner, I’m starting to think more positively about all the things to enjoy from autumn and winter. It’s not normally my favourite time of year (let’s face it, dog walks in the park in the dark after work aren’t much fun) but I DO love a good bobble hat and well, there’s always time for mulled wine.

winter at Columbia Road

It’s also the time of year to start thinking about anything around the house that might need doing before the cold sets in and we popped our heating on the other day just to make sure the boiler would sputter in to life. The last thing you want is the boiler packing up at this time of year. Services like Housewarm can give it a once over and make sure it’s running fine. We’ve spent so long renting where all those issues are someone else’s that even though this will be the second winter in our first home together, it still feels like a novelty and I’m sure there are jobs I haven’t even thought about.

Our garden in winter

frosty walks

The biggest downside to living in a period home is that they can be much harder to keep warm and that’s definitely the case with ours. It doesn’t help that although we’ve replaced the front windows this year, we haven’t got round to the front door yet which is so drafty, and probably won’t bother with the windows at the back until we build an extension so we’re still losing a lot of heat.

There are also several other issues to consider when trying to plan for making a home winter proof and this post over at Quercus Living really captures them well, including ones I hadn’t even thought about before. Written by Christine from Little House on the Corner, who along with her partner is also undergoing a major period house renovation project, I know the post will be a great reference point when thinking about everything I need to do. I’ve followed Christine’s blog almost since we bought the house and she’s so knowledgeable across many different areas so I really trust her insight.

I do know that Pete will be very happy to have a break from the weekly lawn-mowing throughout winter, and I’ve got my eye on some cosy throws and a draught excluder to help keep us snug so with these tips and some other little preparations we should be lovely and toasty for the next few months.

toasty dog

Do you make any preparations for winter to your home or garden? I’d love to hear your tips. You can find other ideas for your home for winter and Christmas at Quercus Living

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