On Being Childfree – This Week

Happy Friday everyone and thank you for popping over to read the next story for the On Being Childfree series. We did have a post lined up to share but our lovely guest this week decided that actually now isn’t the right time to tell her story.

I completely admire her bravery and fully support her decision – it’s often one thing you might like to tell a story versus the reality of actually doing so. Each week we’ve been privy to such personal and open accounts and I never want anyone to feel under any pressure at all. I’m so proud that this space allows people the opportunity to have a voice when they feel the time is right for them and that it’s always so well supported.

I wanted to put a little place holder here because I know some of you come each week directly to the blog not via social media and didn’t want to leave a blank spot. As always, if you would like to tell your story then please reach out to me and I’d be honoured to support you through that process.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week ahead and we’ll be back next Friday. With love X

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