On Being Childfree – Revisit and Relaunch

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the On Being Childfree series after a little break. First of all I wanted to say a big thank you for your patience in still checking in with this series and some emails and DMs I’ve had asking if it will be back at a future point and the answer is a resounding YES.

This has been a challenging few months for so many of us (and still will be, undoubtedly) but my heart goes out especially to those who have been one of the forgotten groups in this global pandemic, the individuals and couples who have seen their fertility treatment come to a halt. I’ve read so many heartbreaking stories from couples who saw their one and only chance for treatment taken away at the 11th hour and I just can’t begin to imagine how devastating that must be. It hasn’t felt right to be sharing stories during this time but I know too from your messages that hearing of others experience is such a lifeline to those of you who may be struggling on your own journeys that it’s so important to pick back up again now we’re hopefully navigating our way into a new future.

My original plan had been to alternate this series weekly with On Living With Illness, but I’m just going to see how the content pans out. Some weeks there will be more stories there, sometimes here. Ultimately though I’m so glad you’re all able to take something from these collections of stories.

Since there will be a new guest poster for On Being Childfree next Friday, I wanted to take this opportunity and re-share some of the amazing and moving stories shared over the past year.

Andy’s Story – there have only been two experiences shared since I launched in March 2019 speaking specifically from the male perspective and I would love to showcase more. We often still think that anything related to having children is more exclusively identified as relating to women only, but Andy shares so emotionally just how devastating it can be also from the male point of view.

Katy’s Story – I’m humbled by everyone who expresses an interest in wanting to share their tale but in some ways even more so when people find this from all around the world. Katy is one of our US contributors, and really opened my eyes to how challenging it can be when you are raised against a backdrop of religion, something I’ve never had to think about in my own upbringing.

J’s Story – something that became really important to me as the series progressed, was to share the stories of parents of single children. I’ve got friends who no sooner had their first baby been born than the same intrusive questions and judgements started all over again. When will there be a brother or sister? Only children are spoiled. And on and on. Here J shares how her family of 3 is all that’s needed, despite what anyone assumes.

Lydia’s Story – Lydia is one of my lovely virtual friends from the world of Instagram and also a dynamic home renovator. She was kind enough to jump onboard right from the start and share why for her and her husband, choosing a child-free life is right for them.

There are so many I could share – every single story has been emotional, powerful, unique and I hope this gives some idea that whether we are childfree by circumstance, or childfree by choice, or facing those challenging “none of your business” questions because of other situations, that there is a community out there who can help support and listen.

I’m always looking for contributors, so if you have a story to share please do drop me a line at booandmaddie22@gmail.com and I’ll be able to send you over the details. And as always thank you so so much for continuing to support this little corner of the interweb. Much love x

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