On Being Childfree – A Little Holiday Break


Happy Friday everyone! The sun looks like it may be set to stay for a while – typical just as we’re going on holiday! Although no matter how lovely the weather in the UK, it’s still better to take a break sometimes and shortly after this post goes live we’ll be on a plane to VEGAS, BABY!

I’m writing a separate post for next week about why we’re returning to Sin City but in the meantime, I just wanted to say that I’m taking a little break from the On Being Childfree series, for this Friday and next. Basically the flight to Vegas is looooooooong and I’ll be offline for most of the next two Fridays.

When the posts go live in this particular series, I always like to be on hand a) to support the poster in case they need it and b) in case there are any weird comments (yep, we’ve had a couple) that need moderating. It’s such an important subject that I hate the idea of posting and then disappearing so will use this time to just really say a huge thank you for continuing to show it such a huge support.

Once I’m back from holiday my plan is to spend more time and focus on sharing the posts across my different platforms and help to build the readership. It’s definitely been a challenging first 6 months of 2019 and not what I was expecting at all, but I’ve been surrounding myself with some lovely positive and like-minded people as I get back on my feet following my chronic illness diagnosis and feel very inspired to be full steam ahead after a week’s R&R.

If you’d like to contribute to future editions of On Being Childfree, do drop me an email to booandmaddie22@gmail.com. You can also catch up with all the previous stories here. Thank you so much once again to everyone who has taken part so far and to everyone for reading and offering kind words. We’ll be back on Friday July 19th so in the meantime have a wonderful couple of weeks.

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