Ideas For A Late Summer Garden

We are nothing if not a nation of garden lovers and it has become even more popular since the pandemic with 7 million Brits taking up gardening who had not been gardeners before. We definitely got on the bandwagon and started to grow vegetables, loving it so much that we’re going to get a greenhouse before the end of the year! Here are some tips and ideas for creating the garden of your dreams.

Stay Safe

They say that most accidents happen in the home and that can definitely be true of the garden – around 87,000 of us are sent to hospital due to injuries we have sustained while actively gardening or doing DIY in the garden. Whilst I didn’t injure myself, who can forget the infamous summer of 2019 when I fell up the garden steps because I was wearing flipflops and managed to tip an open can of paint all over myself? The most dangerous garden tool is a lawn mower so you should ensure that you are wearing strong shoes and long trousers when mowing the lawn to protect yourself from cuts and injuries. We also need to ensure the tools and gadgets we use are looked after – sometimes an accident in the garden can be due to a manufacturing fault and if this is the case you may look to make a personal injury claim.


There is an abundance of inspiration online and in stores like B&Q and Homebase which can help you to create your dream garden space. Social media is of course my first port of call with Instagram and Pinterest where you can create a ‘board’ and pin photos that you like such as your favourite plants or garden furniture for inspiration. From there you can find out what is most important to you in your garden and begin pricing things up. I always find that the gardening community online is so helpful and I’ve learned lots already just by asking the questions.


Upcycling is a great way to spruce up your garden without being too damaging to your bank account. It involves using old or unused items and making them into something new and there is a range of things you could do with your garden on a budget. For example, you could create a path out of old wooden pallets or build a shelter for your bins if you want to hide them away or upcycle some old furniture into planters.

If you’re looking for garden furniture you may find some old ones on second-hand sites such as Gumtree or in local charity shops which, with a lick of paint, could end up perfectly furnishing your outdoor area.


Adding solar lighting gives any garden a welcoming but also stylish feel and is perfect for darker evenings. Luckily, lighting is one of the most inexpensive ways that you can spruce up your garden too. As the majority of outdoor lighting is LED or solar, you won’t have to worry about your electricity bill soaring either.


By simply cleaning up your patio and outdoor space, you can make a huge difference to your garden. Once we’re through the hosepipe ban, Pressure-washers are great for this and can leave your space looking fresh as they wash away dirt, moss, mould and pretty much anything else that’s making your space look dirty. Don’t forget, you can even your paint your patio if you feel like losing the will to live…!

Summer is of course drawing to a close now so hopefully those are some ideas for next spring and stay tuned for adventures with green houses!

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