How To Use Brutalism In Interior Design

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Brutalist interior design is a bold and beautiful style that first emerged in the 1950s. It started  as an architectural movement that celebrated raw, unembellished materials and forms. However, prior to this movement, interior design favoured ornate and decorative styles which Brutalism contrasted fiercely.

This architectural movement was hugely popular, with many hospitals, universities and government structures being built in the style. Brutalism didn’t only influence the exteriors of postmodern design, as interiors soon adopted a matching aspect.

How To Introduce Brutalist Interior Design Into Your Home

The best types of buildings for Brutalist decor are ones built in a matching architectural style, however, you can still recreate this style in any kind of building. To make the design carry in an older home you could add a concrete accent wall or use steel-framed windows to create a more industrial feel.

You can create Brutalist interiors in your home by prioritising the use of raw, industrial materials like concrete, steel and glass. There is a lot of crossover with Minimalist design: furniture with clean, sharp edges; no obvious bric-a-brac or ornaments; use of houseplants to bring elements of the outside into the home.

When choosing furniture for this style, look for pieces made from natural materials like wood or leather. Since there is less embellishment in Brutalist design, signature pieces like a concrete coffee table are perfect for making a statement and help to bring the look together.

How To Renovate A Room For Brutalist Interiors

To make your room Brutalist, start by stripping away any decorative details and exposing any unadorned materials that exist in the room. Paint any plastered walls in single colours from a specific, simple palette; neutral shades like grey, white and black work best.

When it comes to choosing new flooring for your Brutalist space, favour natural materials. Solid wood flooring is a great option as the beauty of the natural wood becomes a feature in the room, without detracting from the overall style.

Although stone flooring can fit well into the aesthetic of these spaces, it isn’t always the most practical material to have in your home. If you want something that resembles stone, we recommend trying LVTs which can be made to look like stone but are much warmer, better-insulated and easier to install and care for.

Will Brutalist Interior Design Stay In Fashion?

The good thing about Brutalist design is that it has a modern timelessness. With lots of clean edges and minimal over-embellishment, there is little risk of the look becoming dated over time.

Another benefit of Brutalism and its minimal style is that it can easily be added to and adapted if you are interested in updating to a new look. Many of the core aspects of the style, such as the neutral colours and use of natural materials, provide a good base for plenty of  other styles. By simply incorporating more fabrics, textiles and decorations you can soften and change your interiors, without abandoning the glorious features of Brutalism.

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