How To Look Stylish On A Cold Weather Holiday

When you’re married to someone who isn’t fond of hot weather and much prefers the cold, winter holidays tend to be the preference. We’ve been to New York in December and January a couple of times and Prague one Christmas and gosh it can be SO cold. I am definitely someone who struggles with how to be stylish and warm at the same time, especially as I struggle so very much with feeling the cold more than most people do. Thankfully help is on hand to maintain both comfort and fashion on a cold weather holiday.

Choose A High Quality Winter Jacket

Ultimately coats are all-important when heading to a chillier climate. I always feel like a buffalo in my coats because they feel so bulky but it is possible to keep fashionably warm with high quality winter clothing that makes a statement. Why not purchase a winter coat in a trending colour, one that pops and isn’t the typical neutral colour or basic black? After all, it can be a fairly colour-less time of year, so adding brightness is only a good thing. Perhaps the most statement-making colour of the season is bright red, which also does a great job of bringing colour and life to your face. Other fun and stylish colors to try are green, blue, pink and lavender.

Puffer coats are also fully on trend for the last couple of seasons (yay me!) These have a casual fun quality, yet they are incredibly warm – perfect for your cold-weather holiday. Puffer jackets are also great for layering clothing underneath as they tend to fit a little looser next to the body, giving you that extra space.

Mix And Match The Accessories To Make The Outfit Appear Fresh

Wearing the same coat every day can feel a bit boring (and I definitely feel that way and it’s hard to pack more than one if you’re flying somewhere), but one way to keep things fresh and stylish is to wear different accessories. This means a different scarf, hat, gloves or mitts. It will completely transform the look of your jacket and yet accessories are lightweight and easy to pack in your luggage. Don’t forget to also play around where the material is concerned, as you can find some very luxe fabrics that will elevate the look of your winter clothing.

Luxury Sweater Fabrics That Feel As Good As They Look

Sweaters will be your go-to wardrobe piece, but again, there is no end of stylish choices available. Opt for luxury fabrics that feel as great as they look. This includes such fabrics as cashmere, mohair and wool. These fabrics can be lightweight but extremely warm, so if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities you won’t have to worry about the weather.

Finish Your Look With Designer Sunglasses

Winter sunshine can be low and bright, so protecting eyes is both practical and essential and can add that luxury finishing look for ultimate style. Designer sunglasses will bring sophistication to your look and are easy to pack so why not take a few pairs? Trending sunglasses for women in 2023 are the ever-popular oversized frames, aviator frames, ultra-tinted lenses and metallic frames.

I think I’m a long way from achieving a stylish winter look as I normally end up looking like a massive bear with all my layers but I’ll be keeping these tips in mind.

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