How To Incorporate Shaker Cabinets In A Contemporary Kitchen

Shaker Kitchens

Known for their simplicity and homely charm, shaker cabinets tend to be associated with traditional design schemes, but this doesn’t mean they can’t work perfectly in modern cooking spaces too. Their timeless elegance means that they can complement virtually any style of décor. Here are some tips on how to incorporate shaker units seamlessly into a contemporary kitchen.

Consider cool, crisp white

Nothing says contemporary chic quite like plain white. Cool and crisp, it gives rooms a bright and airy look and feel. There are lots of ways to blend white shaker units into your kitchen. For example, cabinet specialists Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets suggest that these units can make the ideal accompaniment to marble (or marble-effect laminate) worktops.

To ensure your cooking area doesn’t look too cold and clinical, you can try offsetting white cabinets with darker colours on the walls. You can also introduce some extra warmth by choosing copper handles for your units – or for a more unusual effect, consider leather pull handles.

Make a style statement with dark finishes

If you want to turn heads with your new shaker units, a dark finish could be just what you’re looking for. From aubergine to deep blue or green, a bold colour will ensure your storage has the wow factor. Bear in mind that when it comes to dark hues, less can be more – especially in smaller cooking spaces. So, if you’re opting for a powerful colour for your cabinets, consider choosing white or cream for your walls.

Another top design choice is to go for base cabinets that are painted a different colour to your wall units. For example, you could select dark grey for your floor cabinets and white for your upper units. A monochrome scheme like this is the epitome of contemporary style.

Highlight pastels with brighter pops of colour

If you have a penchant for pastel and you’re searching for a way to bring this look bang up to date, consider using muted shades for your units and highlighting these hues with accessories in more vibrant shades. For example, if your cabinets are pale blue, you could feature chairs or stools in a bold royal blue. Echoing pastels with more standout colours in this way can help you to create a balanced, harmonious cooking space that exudes contemporary chic.

The key when it comes to incorporating shaker units into a modern kitchen is to get creative with your colour scheme. With a little imagination, you can achieve stunning results.

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