How A Home Lift Is The Ultimate Improvement For Your Home

We’ve just celebrated our 9th anniversary in our home and all being well, this is definitely our forever home. With that in mind though we do have to think about future-proofing our home. Being in our 40s (me) and 50s (he), with two sets of stairs and no downstairs toilet, it’s important we consider home improvements to make our lives more comfortable as we age.

We’re not alone – with the housing market remaining an increasingly challenging environment, many are making the decision to remain in their current homes and think more long term. That in turn leads us to consider items which may be considered more luxury as a home purchase but also fundamental.

Installing a home lift in your property exudes ‘luxury’, setting your property’s accessibility aside from conventional yet unaesthetically pleasing stairlifts. With compact footprints, home lifts can be installed in any room or entrance where you have the required space – making for a much improved accessibility solution than encroaching on your staircase.

Domestic lifts offer value for money throughout the product’s life cycle, with robust and durable manufacturing the average life span extends to 25+ years. Through investing in a lift for your home, you can increase curb appeal and overall value of your home.

Reliant on 250V, home lifts follow a ‘plug and play’ technology and emergency battery back up in case of a power cut. Dependent on usage, a home lift is highly energy efficient and, maintenance is tailored on the frequency of use too. This means that if you invest in a lift now for future proofing purposes, you may only require a basic maintenance package, whereas, if you invest in a home lift for accessibility purposes now, the usage will be higher; therefore, the lift will require regular servicing.

Not only are the running costs and upkeep of a home lift tailored, but the make, model and finishes are too. Did you know you can customise home lift models to suit the design and style of your home? Features such as the colour of your lift, the tint of the glass shaft panels, the floor tiles, the back panel and lighting are all customisable options – you are bound to find a lift solution to suit your style, aesthetics and overall home environment.

Overall, home lifts provide a high-quality, space-saving and energy efficient accessibility solution to your property. Utilised for both mobility and goods purposes, a lift for your home can be used for moving heavy items, shopping/groceries, luggage, alongside getting yourself from one storey to another. Domestic lifts future proof your home, enhance the comfort of being in said ‘forever home’, adds value to your property and has the ability to connect generations. For example, hosting family around Christmas time/national holidays and ensuring grandparents can move around your home with ease. If you’re looking at making long term investments and improvements to your property, a home lift may very well be the ideal resolution.

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