Heading To An Event Solo: 8 Tips And Benefits

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Going to an event on your own can be daunting. It’s natural to feel nervous and awkward, but there are ways to prepare for the experience to make it enjoyable. Many people attend events solo because they are single, but the only way to meet someone is to go to the events!

It can feel like a catch-22, which is why it’s best to gather your courage and go. If you’re not quite convinced, these four tips and four perks of attending a party on your own will change your mind and set you up for a fun night out.

Tip #1: Arrive Late

It’s best to be fashionably late to a party when you’re going solo. Unless there’s a strict schedule for the event you’re attending, it’s better not to be one of the first people there. By showing up a bit after the start time, the party will have gotten going. Groups will have gathered, but it won’t be too late to introduce yourself or be introduced by the host so you can join the conversation.

When looking at when it’s socially acceptable to turn up to a party, arriving late is the norm. How long to wait depends on the event, but if it’s a regular party, then anywhere between half an hour and 45 minutes late will work.

Benefit #1: Meet New People

One way to diversify your social experiences is by joining events such as single mixers, networking meetups, or even unique gatherings like sex parties, where you can connect with new like-minded individuals. The point of the party is to meet new people, and you can’t make the most of that if you’ve got a friend or someone else that you feel responsible for. You can flirt with whomever you choose, flit between different groups and have interesting conversations.

Even if you’re attending a regular party, meeting new people is still a benefit you can enjoy when you fly solo. If you don’t know many people there, you can pick and choose who you chat to. Not only do you get to present the best version of yourself, but you’ll hear some interesting stories and make new connections.

Tip #2: Don’t Hide Away

It’s tempting to fade into the background when you feel awkward. This rule isn’t a strict one, and if you want to wander alone or sit in a corner, go for it. However, you’ll make the most of the benefits if you leave yourself open to interaction.

When first entering the party, stay near the centre of the room or space. You’ll have more chance of joining other groups or having someone come up to you to start a conversation. Making eye contact is crucial. Don’t make it too intense, but definitely don’t avoid looking at people nearby, those who pass you and anyone new entering the room.

Benefit #2: Stay as Long as You Want

When you go to a party with someone, especially if they don’t know the people as well as you do, you feel responsible for them. It means making sure that they’re having a good time and have someone to talk to, but it also means compromising on what you do. 

If they have to get up early for work, you’ll need to leave at a reasonable time to accommodate them. On the other hand, if they’re a party animal, they might not want to leave until the party is done. When you attend solo, you get to decide when to arrive and how long you stay. If you’re having fun, make the most of it, but if you’re tired, you don’t need anyone’s permission to go home.

Tip #3: Break the Ice

You’ve arrived a little late, you’ve found opportunities to join groups, so now what do you say? You’ll need some openers to get past any awkwardness. Once you share some things about yourselves, you’ll feel more comfortable, have some fun and be able to get to know someone. If you’re not in the conversation, you could find a gap to say, ‘I couldn’t help but overhear…’ and then find a way to join in.

Ask people what brought them there and listen to their answers so that you can respond to specific points. When all else fails, a genuine compliment on their outfit is always welcome. After that, you can use some of these icebreakers to keep the conversation flowing.

Benefit #3: Explore to Your Heart’s Content

Going solo to an event means you can linger on the elements that you like. For example, if it’s an exhibition party or a concert, you can spend however long you want looking at the art or enjoying your favourite songs. Your only concern is if you’re having a good time. If that means finding the quiet space where the other introverts are, so be it. No one will nag you to be more sociable.

If it’s a party with different rooms or activities, you can check out the food, try different cocktails, take photos of the stunning venue or whatever you like. When we’re alone, we have more freedom and autonomy. Don’t put any pressure on any single aspect; if you meet new people and click, brilliant; if you just hear some remarkable stories, that’s great too. 

Tip #4: Stay Safe

Attending parties and events solo is liberating. Once you get a taste, meet some fun people and enjoy the autonomy, you’ll want to do it more and more. It’s better to have the practical points taken care of so that you can relax and focus on having a good time. Staying safe is paramount.

Most solo travel tips also apply to attending an event. Let someone know where you’re going and send them a message to let them know when you get home safe. Planning your route to and from the venue is smart, as is having a backup plan, such as installing a taxi app on your phone if required.  

Benefit #4: You Are Enough

Going to an event on your own helps you realise that you don’t need anyone else to have fun. Sure, some experiences are better with other people. However, most of the time, you don’t need to wait for someone else to enjoy something. 

If there’s a restaurant you want to try, a gig you’d love to go to or a film you want to see, go for it! If you want to explore a new side of yourself and meet new people, the opportunities are out there, and you can do it alone.

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