Getting Your Car Ready For A Staycation

Ever since we brought Maddie home in 2014, we’ve taken her on a little staycation each year in autumn, starting in 2015. The first two years we went to Cornwall and then three consecutive years to the Cotswolds and honestly it quickly became one of our most treasured weeks away. A cute little self-catering cottage somewhere, lots of walking and pub dinners – it can’t be beaten.

We’re not sure if we’ll get away this year (obviously didn’t make it last year either) and whilst I tend to do the accommodation research, Mr D is responsible for making sure we’re safe and comfortable on the roads…him being the driver and all, I always feel like I have my own personal chauffeur! He takes our car VERY seriously and being the sensible chappy that he is, it’s all about high performance tyres.

Ride the Road

Unless you’ve tried driving with regular tyres versus high performance tyres, it’s not always obvious that there’s a difference. As soon as they’re fitted however and you get behind the wheel, the increased driving stability is very noticeable. High performance tyres are engineered to cling to the road, gripping it firmly whilst still providing a great experience to driver, passengers (and pooch!) Designed to help us feel more in control and safer than ever on the roads even in inclement weather conditions such as rain or ice.

Being Prepared For Car Emergencies

Ensuring road safety and preparedness for unforeseen vehicle emergencies is crucial when embarking on staycations. Having essential tools, like a tire repair kit and jumper cables, and knowing where to find a “Slim Jim tool guide” for lockout situations, will give you peace of mind while traveling. With all the necessary precautions, you can focus on enjoying your staycation without any worries.

Excellent Heat Dispersion

Tyres can behave erratically if they get too hot and that’s not just down to the weather. They can get hot when being driven hard for a certain length of time and let’s face it, when most of us are heading off on staycations we don’t tend to head just down the road. The advantage of high-performance tyres is that they are often driven under conditions which can make regular tyres overheat and therefore they are designed to whisk heat away, keeping the tyre cool and performing at optimal conditions, keeping us all safe and comfortable.

They Can Make You a Better Driver

High performance tyres are designed to be a smoother, more comfortable ride. They are also made from high quality raw materials, and the end result is that tyres respond instantly to the slightest input – a touch of the brakes or accelerator, the turn of a steering wheel, even the sudden application of the emergency brake, which all adds up to a streamlined and smooth driving experience. If you have to go anywhere, do it safely!

You don’t even need to be a long-distance commuter to benefit from high performance tyres, they are a worthwhile investment no matter what your car usage and high performance tyres are readily available from all good mechanics and garages. If you’re Midlands based for example,  you can buy performance tyres in Birmingham at Plume Tyres.

Now, we just need to plan that next staycation. I think it’s looking more likely to be day trips for us this year, but there’s always 2022!

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