Garden Renovation Update Part Three – Closing Down For Autumn

back garden seating area

I can’t believe a month has now passed since my last garden renovation update, I thought I’d written a more recent post but no. Time has run out a little bit for this year and I don’t think I’m going to get everything done that I want to. We’re now on holiday for a week and I don’t know what the weather will be like in October. Any opportunity though and I’ll be out there, just to keep on top of it if nothing else.

As much as I wish I’d done more, it’s incredible to think how far it’s come so here’s a little update on where things are up to.

The Fence

Last post I’d covered that the entire fencing has now had two coats of ‘Urban Slate’ from Cuprinol. I’ve now attached 7 trellis panels to the fencing which has all been painted too. The idea is to plant climbers centrally along each main segment of the fence and the trellis will hopefully give them support.

The Beds

All the beds are now in place. I’ve dug a new one just behind the retaining wall and the idea is to plant this up with Salix Flamingo trees (if they ever show up!) interspersed with succession bulbs including snowdrops, tulips and alliums. Whilst I’m waiting for the trees to arrive I’ve dug in some compost so hopefully as soon as they show up I can get them straight into the ground.

The Border

I’ve painted 7085437807897 bricks (kidding obviously, but I’ve painted a lot!) and they’ve now created the most beautiful modern edging border all around the lawn. I haven’t secured them down yet until I’m 100% sure where they’re going but it looks so smart and so much better than the old wooden border we had along there before.

The Path

Well, this was a bit of a labour of love and there will be a separate blog post about this coming soon. The old path and concrete sleepers from the steps up to the outbuilding has been dug out and replaced with the beautiful new Porcelpave Cardosa tiles which were kindly discounted by The London Tile Co. It wasn’t easy since our path slopes upwards and kinks at an angle towards the top, plus all the unexpected tree roots I found underneath but I didn’t give up and I’m over the moon with how it looks.

The Back Seating Area

Just like painting the retaining wall white was the triumph in my last update, I am in love with our new little back seating area. Just as a reminder, we pulled all the ivy off the outbuilding and I then dug a path along the front of it, widening it out into a corner seating area. This has now been levelled out, I’ve added weed membrane, poured gravel and planted bamboo as a screen against the bordering shed. I’m SO happy, so happy. I’ve been able to catch the last of the summer sun up here too. Of course I ran out of gravel so the path isn’t completed just yet but I’ll definitely finish that part off when we come back from holiday.

That’s really all for now (she says casually as though nothing has happened!) but I still can’t quite believe how different it looks from our starting point. Not that I want to wish time away at all but I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it all evolves come spring/summer next year. Now it’s all looking a little bit bare, but hey it would be like that in the winter anyway so it’s not a bad time to making those plans. Summer gardens are made in winter and all that jazz!

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