Four Underrated European City Breaks

Dreaming of a European city break? With the continent’s rich history and undeniable charm, it’s no wonder Europe beckons so many British travellers each year. The ease and simplicity of airport services such as Manchester park and ride make any city break stress-free; perfect for a short break away.

Yet with iconic cities like Paris and Rome overflowing with tourists, it’s worth opting to explore the continent’s lesser-known treasures instead. So, what are some of the options?

Here are 4 other cities to consider for that perfect getaway

  • Marseille, France

This vibrant and interesting French city is often overlooked for it’s more glamorous neighbours like St. Tropez, Cannes and Nice. It’s a fascinating melting pot of European and African culture that gives you plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in something different. As the oldest city in France, it offers plenty of history for you to explore. This includes the Natural History Museum and Art Museum at the Palais Longchamp – a historical wonder in its own right. But you’ll also love Marseilles if partying is more your thing, thanks to its fantastic range of bars and provincial vineyards.

  • Porto, Portugal

While overshadowed by Lisbon, Portugal’s second-largest city offers a great alternative city break. Foodies will have a fantastic chance to gorge themselves in Porto, as it’s home to some of Europe’s freshest seafood and most talented chefs. In between meals, you can explore its intriguing historic center, which is filled with charming, cobbled streets, Baroque architecture and the city’s iconic azulejo tiles. The city also has a strong association with exceptional wines. In fact, it’s the birthplace of Port, so wine connoisseurs are sure to have a special time here.

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

Not many people think to visit Slovenia, but those that do are swept off their feet by the country’s charming character and incredible landscape. Nowhere encapsulates this more than the nation’s capital, Ljubljana, a thriving and modern city set in a romantic fairytale setting. Ljubljana is home to remarkable cuisine, underpinned by fresh local produce and available at affordable prices. It’s also easy to take a daytrip into the rest of the country, with options ranging  from gorgeous Alpine lakes to the magnificent Škocjan Caves

  • Girona, Spain

Situated is Catalonia, close to both Barcelona and the Costa Brava, Girona offers a unique blend of old-word charm and modern amenities. You can spend hours wandering through the old town’s narrow cobbled streets lined with colourful buildings, then sample the fresh, local Catalan cuisine in the city’s many Michelin-starred establishments. Game of Thrnes fans will recognise the filming locations of many iconic scenes, including the city’s Arab Baths and Jewish Quarters – the latter of which is the best preserved in the world.

From the vibrant culture of Marseille to the historic charm of Girona, there are many cities that offer a taste of Europe’s best beyond the usual tourist hotspots. Which of these underrated European cities will you be visiting first?

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