Fireplace Inspiration On Instagram, My Top Picks

Image: Negi At Home

Each year I feel like a little bit more effort to get on board with the colder months – whingeing less about the cold 😉 and seeking the opportunity to hunker down. It helps SO much now that the living room is more or less finished and we enjoy spending time there. It’s taken years but it’s always worth taking time and getting it just as we want.

One of the most recent projects has been tiling inside the fireplace, something I’d never originally planned to do until I saw some inspirational posts on Instagram which got me thinking differently. It’s one of the things I love so much about the community – I’m good at staying in my lane and don’t often change my mind but sometimes it helps to see other imagery to think outside the box a little.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite fireplaces from Instagram, everything from vibrant and tiled, to a more neutral palette, to stencilling and a DIY fireplace in a box! It just goes to show that you don’t have to invest so much money to create something that looks really wonderful.

So without further ado here is my fireplace inspiration, I hope you find something you like – and a huge thank you to these beautiful people for the loan of their images!

Fireplace Inspiration – The Bold and Colourful
Image: Come Down To The Woods

Well I’m sure before I say anything further you’ll know straight away that is the rather splendid fireplace of Katie, Come Down To The Woods. I absolutely love the different uses of vibrant colours and this was the first time I’d seen a tiled fireplace that set off the spark in me that it was something I wanted to do with ours. The tiles Katie has used are from Bert & May and the pattern is just gorgeous.

Fireplace Inspiration – The Neutral Edit
Image: Cate St Hill

Another easily identifiable home is that of Cate St Hill with her calming neutral palette of greys, beiges and greens. It’s the home that I could imagine stepping into and just taking the deepest breath and instantly feeling calm.

Here the tiles are also London Encaustic which is what we’ve used in ours, with the same pattern and design. No surprises that Cate’s fireplace was my absolute fireplace inspiration when planning our own project. I love the slightly non-uniform tile layout and think it creates a really statement showpiece.

Fireplace Inspiration – The Stencilled Version
Image: Negi At Home

If you don’t like the idea of tiling either for mess or cost, why not go down the stencilling route? I haven’t seen anyone else attempt this apart from Negi but hasn’t she done an amazing job? I think it looks every bit as effective as real tiles and I imagine is quite straightforward to maintain as well. If I hadn’t already stencilled a terrazzo pattern on our hearth and surround in the dining room fireplace I’d be tempted to have a go at this.

Fireplace Inspiration – The DIY In A Box Version
Image: Home By Polly

One of my favourite homes from Instagram is Polly’s who has done amazing budget improvements to her rental property. Watching her stories the other day, I was AMAZED to see her whole fireplace came in a box from Next and she shared a hyperlapse of her putting it together. She has an electric stove which looks gorgeous and for me this is such a fantastic idea to create a centre piece if you don’t already have a fireplace/chimney. Perfect for making a space more cosy without all the hassle!

I hope that may give you some ideas for fireplace inspiration of your own, even if you don’t currently have one there’s so easy to create like Polly demonstrates. If you need me, I’ll be the fire with a big mug of hot chocolate….

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