Finishing The Kitchen – The Snagging List

Kitchen Snagging ListI’ve had a lot of thinking time over the last few weeks, after all when you’re bedridden there’s only so much Netflix to be watched. It’s also given me time to catch up with my favourite Instagram accounts and I knew that once I got back on my feet I’d feel so inspired to back on the DIY bandwagon and really move forward with some unfinished projects.

One of my favourite accounts to follow is @victorianadventure where wives Annika and Rachel are tackling a very impressive Victorian renovation and doing most of the work themselves, learning as they go. What I love about their approach is it feels very orderly and dedicated rather than my scattergun approach of starting a project, getting distracted and never finishing it. They plan their room makeovers meticulously and make lists of everything that needs doing, and I mean literally everything. And they only move onto a new room once the one they’re working on is completely finished (perhaps some small furnishings aside).

Inspired by their dedication to the cause, I’ve made a kitchen snagging list. Because as much as I got through whilst Pete was away, there’s still a few bits and bobs I didn’t get round to finishing and then Maud got in the way for a few weeks. But I’m BACK and ready to tick lots of things off the list. I know I’m so much more productive when there’s a list to make me accountable instead of everything being in my head.

 Kitchen Makeover Paints

Here goes!

• Cleaning the window seal – I painted the inside of the back door using Frenchic ‘Al Fresco’ paint and although the paint job is great I didn’t bother to tape up the rubber seal
• One more coat of tile paint – because you can never have too many
• Painting the tumble dryer filter
• Refitting the tumble dryer filter
• Washing/cleaning windows – (I asked for advice on this one on Instagram stories and I’ve probably never had so many messages!!)
• Fitting a splashback – this isn’t a necessity but I’d quite like something behind the hob to add a bit of colour
• Cleaning the extractor fan
• Painting the radiator
• Painting the woodwork – this is mostly done but just needs a top up
• Painting the kitchen door
• Hang planters
• Cleaning/painting the ceiling – I’m hoping some of the marks will come off with a magic eraser instead of having to repaint the whole lot. Painting ceilings is not my favourite task to complete.

Hm ok, now I’ve written it all down it feels like more than I thought BUT now I know what I’m working towards. And I may have cheekily popped something on the list that I’ve already done, after all there’s nothing like making yourself feel better by striking through those tasks. We’re off to Amsterdam in just over two weeks so I’m going to see how much of this I can get done before we go, I’ll be back with an update very soon so watch this space.

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  1. August 12, 2021 / 2:35 pm

    Very inspiring! Since the pandemic, we had numerous lockdown and just recently it was again imposed. I could do some of what you’re doing from 2019. Thank you for taking away my boredom!

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