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by Crea

Typically when we think about furniture and Sweden, one particular brand name springs to mind. Today though I’m here to share with you a company you may not have heard of hailing from the land of Vikings and meatballs: by Crea.

When by Crea contacted me to ask if I would like anything from their furniture collection, my first thought was that as much as I loved the designs, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that our interiors don’t change too much once we settle on something. I’m not here for frequent hacks and redecoration just for the sake of it but love to find pieces that I can cherish long-term, whether that’s new furniture or something I’ve rescued from the street.

Upon redesigning our home office however, I had thought of a little seating area – somewhere I could perch and ask Pete all the annoying questions he loves so much whilst he works. Our home office is a very small room and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find anything to fit until I came across the perfect by Crea item, the Wilma bench.

Founded in 2017, by Crea continue to design and make all of their furniture items in Sweden, with shipping available on a worldwide basis. Their aesthetic is long-lasting minimalist design and the furniture is made to order based on the many customisations available per furniture item. Don’t be put off though – being made to order in this case doesn’t lead to long delivery times, with production of most items completed in between 2-3 days and 5-10 days. No waiting 6 months for your furniture to be delivered!

Our beautiful new addition, the Wilma bench, can be customised in a variety of ways. There is a choice of 3 standard lengths (I opted for the dinkiest one at 66cm) plus you can request a bespoke length in addition. A choice of 3 colours for the frame (I chose black to tie in with the industrial style frames of our coffee table in the living room and our office desks) plus two different fabrics for the cushion in either velvet or vegan leather. And the fabrics themselves can be produced in a huge array of colours, so you really can achieve a very unique item of furniture from by Crea.

The cushions on the Wilma bench are also easily interchanged as you can see, simply by removing 4 small screws on the bottom. So now I have an ivory AND a black cushion, my lovely little bench has suddenly become one of the most useful pieces of furniture around our home. I have a feeling it will be popping up here, there and everywhere and I’ve realised I prefer it in black in the hallway and ivory on the landing!

Most excitingly, by Crea have asked if I would share their giveaway running until the end of August. You can win your own furniture to a value of EUR 700 by signing up here.

Now, ivory or black? I’m not sure I can really decide!

Disclaimer: by Crea have kindly sent me a bench plus two cushions for use in our home, but have not requested a blog post in return. All thoughts, words and images are my own.

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