Reno Diaries: All The Little Jobs

Do you ever have those moments where you sit, tea (or gin?) in hand, staring into space because absolutely everything feels so insurmountable? I tend to find them happening increasingly often because I keep looking at the house as one behemoth project instead of breaking it down into more manageable tasks. And then never getting anything done because it quickly all becomes too overwhelming.


Giving these little garden cupboards a fresh coat of paint is on my to-do list

With this in mind, here is my list of all the little tasks that need doing, that are perfectly manageable to do, which won’t cost too much but will make all the difference. Hopefully if I see them in a list like this I can work my way through it crossing them off as I go.

  • Repainting the living room windowsill, bay walls and radiator – as clean and tidy as the window fitters were, they did make a bit of a mess of the windowsill. Plus, this crazy dog chases her tennis balls all over the place so the walls underneath and the skirting/radiator are looking worse for wear.
  • Measuring up in the hallway for a table – the lovely Alan who made the beautiful mirror which hangs in our hallway has said he has some more reclaimed 1930s timber. I had no idea how I was going to match up a console table but he says if I send him some images of what I’m after and the measurements, he can price one up. Fingers crossed.
  • Repainting the back door woodwork in the kitchen – something else that has fallen victim to having a puppy about the place, she’s given the frame at the bottom of the kitchen door a good chew! We’ve got a new date to have the floor fitted so once that’s been done, I’ll touch up all the woodwork around the back door which should make it look a lot cleaner.
  • Sanding and painting the windowsill in the spare room – this windowsill was originally plastic so we had a wooden one fitted along with the new windows. It’s been primed so just needs a couple of coats of paint to finish it off.
  • Touching up the radiator in the office
  • Fixing the blind in the en-suite – this one has been on my to do list in forever. We took it down when I painted in there last year and it’s never gone back up. I need to trim the bottom off which is all mouldy and then dig out the sewing machine to stitch it up. I also have to clean a few paint marks off the window frame and take a look at the ceiling which has started to peel around the fan.
  • Brightening up the patio cupboards – we have two patio cupboards built into the back wall of the patio which originally would have had a BBQ grill in between them. They’re pretty dilapidated so I’m going to try out some wood paint and smarten them up.

This should keep me going for a little while and now they’re all written down it doesn’t seem so daunting after all. I can probably even tackle some of them at the same time so they should all be done by Christmas…

What projects are you working on at the moment? Do you find it helpful to make lists?

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  1. The L's Mum
    May 11, 2015 / 8:50 am

    I feel like this a lot. Not in relation to our house as such, but with being a mum, keeping a house and running my blog. Just one big endless list when sometimes I sit and just stare into space totally overwhelmed by what I have to do. I hope you get those little jobs done, you are right to just break things down, job by job. Before you know it that home will be that beautiful creation you have imagined 🙂

    • Lins
      May 11, 2015 / 11:16 am

      Thanks lovely – I think life is destined to be one big juggling act. I hope you’re feeling bit more settled with trying to keep all the balls up in the air? Xx

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