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Over the weekend, Pete and I had a conversation about how envious we are of people who seem to be able to effortlessly co-ordinate and arrange their wardrobes (and lifestyles) into a stylish and sophisticated capsule collection. Gone the need for rummaging around piles of clothes to try and find something unique to wear yet endlessly reaching for the same old items. We’re both guilty of this and in my alternate version of myself, life is streamlined, simple and organised.

The truth is though, ask any of my nearest and dearest what one word they associate with me and it would undoubtedly be “colour” and the fact that I am so bright and cheerful makes them smile. Living and working in London I feel so used to being surrounded by the blandness of office attire and feel regularly grateful that we don’t have a work dress code as such which means I can steer well clear of black, grey and navy blue and instead pretty much abide by the mantra that anything goes. My personality is such that I’m not one for going with the status quo just because it’s the done thing and would rather be an individual than follow the crowd to conform.


Take my newest watch as a case in point. It’s bold, bright and beautiful and most spectacularly of all, the bracelet strap and face surround is made of wood. That’s right, wood, and it happens to be the most comfortable watched I’ve ever worn. The watch hails from unique wood watch brand, Jord, based in the US and who between their team of artists, designers and makers produce the most stunning collection of watches for men and women available in an array of woods, colours and designs.

On being given a selection of watches to make my choice from, I eventually opted for the Purpleheart & Plum from the Frankie series, attracted to both its size and of course colour. Plus, I was intrigued to hear of a wood called Purpleheart which is a new one on me but does indeed exist and hails from the Solomon Islands with a naturally rich purple colour. Coupled with a plum-coloured face and rose gold numerals and hardware, this is a watch which has attracted admiring glances and comments wherever I’ve taken it.



The watch arrived in the most beautiful packaging, a carved wooden box incorporating a tweed cushion to protect the watch – this gives the receiver a feeling of luxury and investment which makes a Jord watch an ideal gift for any occasion and if only I could convince Pete to wear a watch of any description they would be my first port of call.



In terms of style, what attracted me to the Frankie in particular was the face size and simple finish. I love big watch faces, they suit my arms and wrists and my preference has always been for numberless designs and not too much fuss. Despite its size, it’s so incredibly, incredibly light and the first thing I do when people ask about it is take it off and tell them to hold it in their hand because you just wouldn’t know it’s there. A similar sized watch by another designer that I have now feels very heavy owing to a thick rose-gold bracelet and may well have been replaced in my affections.



You might wonder about the durability of a wooden watch versus more traditionally associated materials but as I’ve been battling illness for a while since receiving it I’ve had an undue amount of time to put it through its paces and am delighted to report back that its passed with flying colours. Its been rained on, looked for tennis balls in long summer grass, got stuck into DIY at our home and danced the night away at drunken 40th birthday parties until the sun has come up. I’ve lived in it, literally and it’s coming with me to Germany.




There is such a wide range of designs and styles to choose from that no matter whether you’re bright and colourful like me or sleek and minimalist, you’ll find something to suit your style AND lifestyle and know at the same time that you’re really supporting a company who design creatively and innovatively to make their mark in a world where celebrating individuality should be applauded.

Luxury Wooden Watch

Thank you to Jord Wood Watches for sending me a watch free of charge in return for a review. All words, opinions and images are my own unless otherwise stated.

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  1. June 21, 2016 / 2:33 pm

    That watch is absolutely gorgeous, love the colour! x

  2. Lins
    June 27, 2016 / 10:00 am

    Thanks lovely, yes I adore the colour certainly perfect to brighten up these grey days! X

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