7 Patio Ideas For Your Back Garden

It may feel strange to think about garden plans in the middle of the winter, but there’s no harm in planning. If you have a patio or are thinking about adding one to your back garden (Pete’s first house was a new build and it literally had about 4 paving slabs as a patio when he moved in!), there are numerous designs to try, but knowing which works best can be difficult. It’s important to make sure that your final choice reflects your design preferences so your patio is a fun place to be and works best for you and your family. Below you’ll find a few notable patio ideas and why they’re worth considering. 

Build An Outdoor Kitchen

It feels as though since lockdown, everyone has been bending over backwards to make their gardens even more desirable than their homes! An outdoor kitchen is is perfect for those who enjoy cooking and my goodness they can be so high tech these days too, perfect for showing off culinary skills. One of the best things about an outdoor kitchen is that you can add almost anything to it. This ranges from a barbecue pit to a kegerator. 

I’ve seen such amazing designs for outdoor kitchens too, everything from repurposing materials to beautiful stone and brick covered with a flashy granite countertop. You can customize the space completely how you want. 

You could also have a small patio section with a dining area. This way, you can quickly serve the meal once you’re done cooking. We’ve got a fairly large patio at the moment and have one area for relaxing and one for dining.

Add Winding Pathways

A simple and affordable way to enhance your patio is to have pathways connecting to it. Of course, you can make these trails out of stone or brick, but concrete is a gorgeous and affordable option. 

concrete contractor can assist with building this fantastic feature. They’ll listen to your wishes and then can suggest some design options around it. I’m so glad we used professionals to build our green house base because that’s the kind of thing I wouldn’t trust us to DIY!

While some might think concrete only comes in one colur and texture, it’s much more customisable than many realise. For example, you can have it applied in various hues or even stamped in certain patterns. 

Install A Fire Pit

One popular idea to include in your patio is a fire pit. These can make your new patio a great entertaining space any time of the year (although depending where you live definitely look for a smokeless option if possible).

Patio fire pits come in a variety of designs and can be made in almost any size. Better yet, you can have special features built around them. These could be permanent benches built around its circumference or even embedded lights to add a unique ambiance. 

Another thing to consider is how you want the fireplace added. Do you want it in the patio’s center or perhaps have a pathway from the patio to it? There are so many possibilities. 

Create A Garden Oasis

Consider bordering it with small shrubs if you want something simple yet memorable for your patio. A garden makes a great privacy border while adding color and fragrance.

What makes a border so great is that you can do almost anything with it. You can design it with your favourite flowers and hardscaping to create a wonderful retreat, especially to attract pollinators all year round.

You could even make a kitchen garden around your patio. This might be worthwhile as well if you plan to put an outdoor kitchen in. You can plant vegetables, fruit trees, and herbs and simply walk over and take what you need as you cook. 

If you’re not sure where to start with a garden border, do something simple. Some great plants to grow around or near it include:

You could even have concrete planters installed on the patio. While permanent, they add a sophisticated touch and can be used year-round. 

Show Off A Covered Pergola

Something else that have been immensely popular over the past couple of years on social media are pergolas and you could also cover your patio with a beautiful pergola. This can then be covered in plants, or you could attach outdoor curtains for privacy. The design is especially useful during the spring and summer as the pergolas can provide shade. 

Pergolas can be made out of wood, steel, or vinyl and come in various sizes. You can install a small-scale version if you want a small patio section to be covered. You could also have the entire patio encased in one. 

Include A Water Feature

For those who want a distinctive focal point, consider putting a water feature. This could be a small pond or even a waterfall. This water feature can be connected to the patio or set off from a distance. In addition, you can often set up unique features to include around a patio water feature, like coloured lights or music. Our neighbours have a fabulous pond with little fountain and I love listening to the calming noise of water.

Arrange A Sculpture Garden

If you want something truly special and memorable, incorporate your patio into a sculpture garden. This can be reminiscent of classic French or Italian gardens or something more contemporary. The sculptures could border the patio and be placed between plants for more texture. Besides this, you could have spotlights placed near them so you can show them off at night.

A patio can be a great backyard addition, but picking the best design for it can be overwhelming. With these ideas, though, you’ll hopefully find inspiration for yours.

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