5 Reasons To Choose The Cycle To Work Scheme

There’s no escaping that environmental issues are becoming increasingly impotatn across all areas of our daily lives (and about time to be honest). I work for a very environmentally conscious organisation who empower their employees to make committed changes and it makes a real difference. Riding a bike to work where possible is becoming a popular choice for many people and more and more cities have easier access to bikes similar to the “Boris Bikes” in London. More cycle lanes are opening up and programmes encouraging employees to bike to work have been helpful for both employers and employees. If you are considering such a scheme and looking for further information, here are five reasons to choose the cycle to work scheme:

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

By switching to cycling instead of driving, the typical person who commutes four miles one way daily would save 0.5 tonnes of CO2, or 6% of their annual carbon footprint. This sustainable transportation mode helps to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions. By opting to bike to work, it’s possible to lessen our negative impact on the environment and show that you are committed to sustainability.

Save Money

By deducting the cost from your pre-tax income, the bike to work programme enables you to save money on the price of a new bike and cycling accessories. Tax savings of up to 42% can be achieved as a result. In addition, employees with limited funds might use a far more economical way of transportation thanks to cycle plans.

Improve Your Health

Exercise is so important for a wide variety of reasons, but so many of us say that time is a prohibitive factor. Imagine though if exercise could be incorporated into the working day? One study revealed that those who cycled to work had a 39% lower rate of all-cause mortality than those who did not. Exercise has also been shown to lower your risk of developing chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity which cycling to work can achieve. Moreover, regular exercise can improve mental health and reduce stress levels.

Get A High Quality Bike

It’s safe to say that being able to afford quality cycling equipment is a privilege and indeed cost is one of the major factors as to why more people don’t take up cycling. Under the programme however, you can access a variety of premium bikes and equipment from well-known companies that might not otherwise be attainable for many people, especially with the cost of living crisis ongoing.

Support Your Employer’s Sustainability Aims

By participating in the cycle to work programme, you can support the company’s values and sustainability goals. It also demonstrates to your organisation and colleagues that you are someone who is respectful of the environment and yourself by wanting to only do your bit but also keep active. Employees with lower stress levels and improved mental health which cycling can help to achieve, will likely be able to improve work output.

The cycle to work programme has several advantages, including cost savings, decreased carbon emissions, increased fitness and health, and hopefully an enjoyable activity. In addition, cycling has a favourable impact on mental health, raising well-being, self-confidence, and stress tolerance while boosting physical health. If you have access to these type of programmes they’re certainly worth looking into.

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