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Why is it that as soon as I want to write a garden-related post, it feels like another storm sets in! But we did get make headway with creating some exciting living patio space at the weekend, dismantling some old cupboards which you may have seen on Stories. Despite Storm Gareth, we’re fast approaching spring and february unexpectedly gave us a tantalizing taste of the warmer weather. Needless to say spring and summer are my favourite seasons and I always feel so done with winter long before it’s properly over. With sunnier weather comes long, lazy afternoons in the garden and as I’ll be working from home this year I’m determined to make the most of our outdoor space. Now seems to be the right time to make plans for 2019.

Right at the end of last summer I gave our patio area an initial little makeover creating a beautiful relaxing space which I’m excited to take advantage of this year. However with more than 15 square meters on our patio alone, it does need a lot of work so I’ve been looking at some of the trends ahead. We feel so lucky every day to have this space that we can cultivate especially in London when outdoor space is often non-existent.

Peace & Tranquility

Wellbeing is a hot topic at the moment. Relaxation and looking after ourselves is topping the trends in 2019 over socialising and hosting. We all need our own little slice of heaven to recuperate in and that’s exactly what we should be channeling within our gardens – especially in today’s society where to-do lists can often feel overwhelming. Forget the 1980s fold-up sun loungers this year and get your hands on an outdoor sofa that you can adorn with comfy cushions and blankets for the evening to enhance that indoor/outdoor space.

Accent Colours

Of course, tasteful neutrals will never go out of style but 2019 is the year to be bold with hues. The Pantone colour of the year is ‘living coral’ and it’s the perfect balance of stylish and cheerful to inject a positive feel into any garden. After all, colours affect emotions so pick a favourite and add some personality to the space, either through furniture cushions, parasols and decorative accessories such as tealight holders and planters. Since I revamped our patio so late last season, I can’t wait to accessorise it with a splash of colour once the warmer weather comes.

Image: Skyline Designs

Bring The Inside, Outside

Pete and I are not gardeners and sometimes we find our 120 ft garden a tad overwhelming. But we wouldn’t swap it for the world and we know we’d be hard-pushed to find this much space if we ever moved. It will allow us to create an almost sectioned garden, different spaces for different elements of living. I know now that small gardens or overlooked gardens would be a deal-breaker for me in any future property search. I crave relaxation and comfort and being able to blur the lines between indoor living and outdoor living, making the garden an extension of our home with cosy, homely vibes. Why eat your meals in the kitchen when they could be enjoyed al-fresco on an outdoor table? Why take your Sunday afternoon nap indoors when you could be just as comfortable outdoors? I’m committed to ensuring that our garden radiates relaxation by bringing in items such as day beds and hanging egg chairs. Perfect for my future summer self-employed lifestyle.

Let There Be Light

We also upgrade our lighting last year and found it’s a great way to play around with mood and atmosphere in gardens. Whilst outdoor lighting is nothing new, the 2019 trends are exploring it further and going beyond twinkly fairy lights. Get creative by nestling small solar lights within flower pots or turn your lighting into a statement with these LED cube planters from Skyline Design.

This year, it’s all about making your garden your oasis of relaxation – however that looks to you. Add a splash of colour, find your perfect mood lighting and bag yourself the comfiest, cosiest outdoor furniture to while away those sunny afternoons on.

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