10 Accounts I Love In Lockdown

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Things are different, aren’t they? People are living differently, schooling differently, loving differently, thinking differently. There’s no denying this is the biggest event to ever happen in most people’s living memory and that just about no-one anywhere in the world remains untouched by this or unaware of what’s going on.

Whilst I’ve felt generally quite positive over the past few weeks, and in some ways not that much has changed – I’ve been home-based for the last year, we don’t have children etc, etc – even I’m finding comfort in different activities. I was having a catch up with one of my friends a couple of weeks ago and I said to her in fits of giggles “I don’t even know who I am anymore, I used to go out on Friday nights in my late 30s and get absolutely smashed and now I sit at home and watch Gardeners World and make notes”. C’est la vie I suppose.

As a result, I’ve gravitated towards some slightly different blogs/social media accounts lately, too. Of course there’s all the people I’m friends with online and I still love the interiors/DIY community, but now whether it’s a new hobby or just seeking a calming presence I’ve pivoted slightly in the content I’m enjoying at the moment so thought I’d share here too.

Beth Sandland – Instagram/Blog
Image: Beth Sandland

I’ve been following Beth for a while now, inspired by first of all her gorgeous London lifestyle account and then following her incredible travel adventures last year. She works so hard, creates beautifully visual content and isn’t afraid to talk openly about periods and some difficult personal circumstances. She also runs a super well supported online book club.

The Anna Edit – Instagram/Blog/YouTube/Book
Image: TheAnnaEdit

Another of my relatively long-term follows, Anna lives in Brighton with her husband Mark and has a long-term YouTube, Instagram and blog accounts. Mainly lifestyle focused, Anna is known for her organisation hacks and ideas, and is the organised person I’d love to be but am definitely not. She creates capsule wardrobes, shares travel tips and at the moment, is inspiring some pretty heavenly cooking adventures.

Katy At The Manor – Instagram/Blog/Online Shop
Image: Katy at the Manor

Katy is quite a new find for me and I can’t remember who recommended her but oh my, she has the country life I could be tempted to leave London for. Sharing a mixture of home/interiors, crafting, cooking and gardening, I love her calming presence. She has an absolutely stunning home and gardens and is very generous in sharing many of her gardening tips from growing wisteria to tomatoes.

Alice Liveing – Instagram/Books/Podcast
Image: Alice Liveing

Alice is a personal trainer, Women’s Aid ambassador, podcast host and all-round positive wonderful woman. I think I maybe found her through Women’s Health magazine some time ago and I’ve followed her for fitness inspiration for some time. Since lockdown she’s pivoted to offer her services via Instagram Lives and I’ve been doing workouts in my bedroom around 4 times a week for the last few weeks she’s been doing them. It’s made SUCH a difference to my motivation and strength and I can finally find my way back to fitness after a couple of years of losing my way

Kat Goldin – Instagram/Blog/Online Shop/Courses
Image: Kat Goldin

Probably the newest follow from all of my picks, Kat was suggested as a place to source flour and yeast since they’ve become the most precious lockdown commodity along with compost. She and her husband along with their family run a small education led farm up in Scotland and I’m captivated by their endearing farm life, sustainable living and just that they seem to be wonderful, wonderful people.

Calling All Creators – Instagram/Blog
Image: Calling All Creators

One of the few US accounts I follow, Holly lives in Iowa with a house she built with her partner and young sun. It reminds me of my year in Nebraska with the huge skies and although it’s a totally different life to mine, I love getting lost in her warm, friendly personality and incredible DIY projects. Definitely one for those of you who love an inspiring interiors idea.

Kate La Vie – Instagram/Blog/YouTube
Image: Kate La Vie

What can I say about Kate other than every single thing is just beautiful. From her outfits to her home to her cooking, it’s BEAUTIFUL. She lives in Glasgow in a renovated tenement apartment with her husband who owns a coffee shop, and their two cutie pie cats. Her aesthetic really is stunning, they’re renovating a second tenement apartment and I just get lost in the colours, the styling and the warm vibes.

La Sidhu – Instagram
Image: La Sidhu

A fellow interiors digital creator, Natasha has the most AMAZING style and desert-themed home. Regularly tackling gorgeous DIY adventures and crafting, she also showcases gorgeous fashion, thrifting and is a crazy cactus/succulent lady. She shares her home with her husband and appropriately gorgeous pet Inka and is just so kind and supportive in sharing her tips and advice.

Emily Jane Lathan – Instagram/Online Shop
Image: Emily Jane Lathan

If there’s one thing I can say about Emily it’s that she must have the best nails on Instagram, undisputed. Again similarly to Kate La Vie she has an absolutely beautiful calming aesthetic, documenting her home renovation both here and in Majorca, think earthy vibes, lots of plants and effortless style. She also runs a fabulous online accessories store called Rock n Rose which I *may* have made a cheeky purchase or two from.

The Mother Cooker Garden – Instagram
Image: The Mother Cooker Garden

Gem has not one, not two but THREE Instagram accounts, documenting herself, her garden and allotment adventures and her cookery. She’s an RHS student and organic gardener, using much of her produce to not only create some amazing recipes but her food styling and photography is just gorgeous too. I love checking in each day to see what’s growing and follow her super helpful tips. She also manages to keep up with her gardening looking super glam and I’m a little bit jealous…

This has been a really fun post to write and I hope maybe a few of you find some new accounts to follow. Escapism is always a good thing, but especially so now X

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    This lockdown people are learning new and different ways of how they improve themselves and their personalities by looking into various videos or posts which help them in getting better. Various accounts that you mentioned in the article will definitely be helpful. Thank you for listing it together and sharing it with us.

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