Water-Saving Strategies For Your Home Lawn

When we moved into our home, we immediately felt overwhelmed (and still do) by the back garden. Neither of us are gardeners and we never imagined to have such a good sized garden considering we live in London.

We’ve made various changes over the years to try and enhance it, but out 70-80 foot lawn is definitely one area that gets neglected year after year. Here are some of the things we could be doing for better lawn health.

Water Your Garden Like A Pro

Last year in our part of the UK, there was a long hosepipe ban due to the incredibly hot summer and so watering of any sort was out of the question. Generally though, watering your lawn efficiently is a vital water-saving strategy for best value without jeopardising your garden’s health. Make sure that you water deep enough so that the water reaches the root zone for maximum absorption. Additionally, make sure to avoid saturating other areas of your lawn. With this, you can water your lawn no more than twice a week and early in the morning when temperatures are cooler to reduce water loss due to evaporation.

Be Smart About What Plants You Opt For

As the climate is undoubtedly changing, and even here in the UK we will see warmer summers, it can be a good idea to think about what type of grass we use. Choose drought-tolerant grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine which are naturally more resilient to water scarcity. They thrive in areas where temperatures are generally warm throughout the year. If you live in a dry climate with arid soil, these types of grasses can be especially beneficial for your lawn as they require less water than other types.

Mind Your Soil

The soil in your lawn is the foundation for a healthy and water-wise home landscape. Ensure that you regularly aerate your property so that oxygen can get to the roots and allow them to absorb more water. Applying organic compost will also help retain moisture and ensure your grass stays greener and longer. We pay no attention at all to our lawn, and between an active dog, pigeons and squirrels it’s really not in the best condition and is more weed than lawn.

Go For Smart Irrigation Technology

Innovative irrigation technology is a great way to save water while keeping your home lawn healthy. It works by automatically adjusting the watering schedule depending on weather conditions, soil type, and other factors. This helps to reduce over-watering and water waste.

Make Use Of The Rain

If you live in an area that gets regular rainfall, consider investing in a rain barrel. We’re installing one as part of our new greenhouse and definitely want to utilise more sustainable forms of recycling water. This will help to collect and store the water so you can use it for your lawn and garden. Rain barrels are an eco-friendly water-saving strategy to cut down on your water bill while still being able to maintain the top shape of your precious landscaping.

Let The Pros Take Care Of Everything

If you want a hassle-free lawn, then you can always hire a lawn care professional like Heroes Lawn Care to take care of the task for you. They will be able to assess your lawn’s needs and come up with the best water-saving strategy tailored specifically for your landscape, all at a budget-friendly value for you.

Advantages Of A Healthy Home Lawn

Having a lawn that’s in its tip-top shape brings forth. Several substantial benefits for you and your family. Here are some of the pros you may get to receive:

  • It’s hugely beneficial for nature and wildlife especially all the eco-system we can’t see underground
  • It accentuates the exterior design of your property
  • In case of a future market sale, it boosts the home value
  • It also helps to protect against soil erosion
  • A healthy lawn can actually enhance your everyday mood and productivity, especially if it gives off green, positive energy
  • A fragrant and lively property can be your relaxing space during your leisure time

Who knows what this summer will bring in terms of weather but I’m hoping to spend more time outdoors than ever before so fingers crossed it’s a good one.

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