Interiors: Letting the Outside In

Even though we’ve decided to put a temporary halt on big house projects, it doesn’t stop me dreaming and hatching up new plans all the time. The other night I lay awake until nearly 2am wondering how possible it would be to turn the “garage” at the bottom of our garden into a gym/sunroom and got so excited working it all out in my head.

Summer always sees me hankering after a more open style of living and we talk a lot about how lovely it would be to have bifold doors across the back of the house. This is currently what it looks like:


To the left is our dining room with the patio doors, but the one that’s closed is closed because it’s broken and can’t open. To the right is our kitchen. We’d love to build a new kitchen on the back of our dining room to make it an open plan kitchen/diner, turning the current kitchen into a utility room. We could then have a whole wall of doors opening up into the garden, perfect for the one warm sunny day a year we have.

Over on Pinterest I’ve been looking for ideas and have made this board with some of my favourites


Image: Pinterest

Last year I felt the scale of work on our home totally overwhelming but this year has made me realise how lucky we are to have so much potential for change and to really put our stamp on it. So whilst we’re saving for a new car which is the 2016 project, I’ll be dreaming away about our future plans.

Do you have an extension or open plan kitchen? What would you love to do to your house?

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  1. Lucy
    July 27, 2015 / 9:13 am

    The first line of your post made me laugh as I’m exactly the same! It feels like I’m constantly thinking about all the different things we could do to the house and what we could work on next whilst we save. That inspiration image is lovely, I hope you get to achieve your bi-fold vision one day!
    Oh on a side note I’m arranging to have quotes for a new patio door unit and a few new windows this week, so I shall be re-reading your posts to make sure we know what we’re doing! X

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