How To Make Your Garden Work For Both Adults And Children

If there’s one thing we always say as dog owners, it’s that having a neat and stylish garden with a Springer Spaniel feels almost impossible and it may well feel the same for parents too! Before you had children, your backyard was probably a relaxing haven where you spent your summer evenings sipping wine and talking about your days. Now, it has turned into a play area for ballgames, cycling, and fort-making. However, all is not lost. If you want to make your garden work for both adults and children, here are some ideas you can take into consideration.

Keep Toys To A Minimum

One of the things I love seeing parents share on social media is creative ways for children to entertain themselves outdoors that keep the purchase of many plastic items to a minimum. I definitely remember being happiest either with a sand pit or making mud pies. Use your imagination to create play areas using natural materials like tree stumps for seating or an obstacle course, or stepping stones and other pieces of wood for them to paint and decorate. After all, craft activities outside mean less mess to clean up inside. Create a pile of any garden waste you accumulate too, such as twigs from pruning and leaves from the lawn. Kids can create their own games out of almost anything, so leave them to it to explore and learn more about the natural world in the process.

Introduce Gardening As A Hobby

Help your children appreciate your garden by teaching them how to take care of it. This can be a hobby you can share with them, and an opportunity to bond together as well.

You can start with the simple things such as growing some shiitake mushrooms which they can also enjoy eating once it is ready for harvest. This can also teach them the value of living a healthy lifestyle.

Create Separate ‘Zones’

If you have a large back garden, it can also be a great idea to separate it into zones so that the kids can play without disturbing the adults who may want a bit of a relaxation/entertaining area. For the adults, add a deck or a patio area by the backdoor and furnish it with a VidaXL garden lounge set, some form of sunshade, and an outdoor heater for when you want to spend time outside in the evenings. For the kids, consider creating a sensory garden that stimulates the senses. You can grow bright flowers and other plants with a variety of textures that will keep your kids occupied for hours. You may even want to add an herb or fruit garden that they can tend to themselves.

Install A Few Quirky Paths

Again, if you have space, including some kind of hard surface for kids to ride their bikes or scooters on is a great idea. However, you can take it one step further and create quirky paths with curves and wiggles that they will have hours of fun riding up and down. This can inspire them to create their own racing games, and yet you won’t need to concrete over half your lawn.

Make Sure To Include Some Storage

No matter what, most of us who have gardens also need some kind of outdoor storage kids or no kids! There are plenty of outdoor storage ideas, and it doesn’t always have to be an unsightly shed. You can install easy-access storage under a deck or under garden seats, or simply allocate a part of your garage for play equipment. Just remind the kids to put things away after they are done with them.

Here’s to creating an outdoor space that everyone can enjoy…now if we can just try to prevent our dog from digging up the lawn that would be great!

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