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swich Water Filter

I can’t believe its nearly six months since our kitchen makeover, converting our dated and unloved teeny space into a stylish and much-loved room albeit still teeny. Its completely changed how we live and has made us realise that we no longer need to extend in the way we previously thought. One of the products that was very kindly supplied free of charge is the Swich water filter from Abode and I’m delighted to share how we’ve found living with it over the last few months.

I’m a big believer in taking time to review an appliance – yes of course something is generally wonderful after two weeks but to impress me it needs to be put throughout its paces and form part of every day life. The Swich has done exactly that but before I go any further let me fill you in on what it actually is.

Most of you are familiar with the standard water filters, a jug that sits either in your fridge or on the work surface. We actually had two of these, one on the work surface for me at room temperature and one in the fridge for him to be chilled. Both needing plastic cartridges which had to be changed frequently and are obviously bad for the environment.

Swich in Kitchen

Swich works as a tap system whereby it can be plumbed into your existing kitchen sink with the filter cartridge able to be housed discreetly under the sink. When the filter is set to off, a normal flow comes out of the kitchen taps for things like washing the dishes. Turning the Swich on means results in a slightly slower flow as the water passes through the activated carbon inside the filter and can be drunk straight from the tap.

Water filter

Depending where you live in the country you may be lucky enough to have the freshest water in your taps but ever since my first studio flat in London where the water came from an open tank on the roof (grim right?!), I’ve been paranoid about drinking water. The water in that flat couldn’t even be filtered and I spent a small fortune not to mention waste on plastic bottled water.

Swich design

The reason Swich works so well for us is that we’ve found it’s cool enough for Pete and warm enough for me so we no longer need our two filter jugs, saving not just time but money too in the long run. With standard filter jugs unless you’re getting through the water every day, the water becomes stagnant meaning your either drinking not the freshest water or you have to waste it to refill. Swich offers a permanent supply of freshly filtered water making it healthier to drink too. I also use it to fill the kettle and for cooking, added peace of mind.

Swich turned on

Design-wise, the “tap” comes in a square or circular shape and in a range of finishes. I love how unobtrusive it is and really helps with space saving in our modest kitchen. If you live in a particularly hard water area you can also choose the high resin filter versus the standard classic. Prices start from £185 for the Swich filter with replacement cartridges costing £35. Yes, it’s an initial outlay but offers long-term cost savings compared to either bottled water or regular filter jugs.

I can honestly say we’re really happy with how the Swich has improved our day to day life – there are so many gimmick so out there especially when it comes to kitchens. This is one product that really surpasses expectations and I wouldn’t be without it.

Disclaimer: I was kindly provided with the Swich water filter in return for an honest review. I only align with brands and products I love and think you will enjoy too!

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