Black Pearl Jewellery: Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

What feels like a lifetime ago (whether that’s good or bad, you decide!), we were lucky enough to spend our honeymoon in Tahiti and Bora Bora in the South Pacific. One of the region’s natural trademarks is the pearl, a natural beauty and rarer than diamonds. Whilst they come in various hues, the black pearls are often considered the most unique and special. Black pearls, also known as Tahitian pearls, are typically incorporated into jewellery and worn in a number of different styles.

As with most luxury items, knowing how to care for the valuable black pearls is just as important as wearing them. It can be tempting to wear them every day but this isn’t recommended as black pearls are particularly delicate gemstones that should be treated with care.

Whether you’ve invested in a single necklace or bracelet, or a whole Tahitian black pearls jewelry set, it is important to remember that without proper care, they can be prone to damage so here is some best guidance on making that special purchase extra long-lasting.

How To Take Care Of Your Black Pearl Jewellery

Keeping your black pearl jewellery in pristine condition requires special attention. Here are a few tips to prevent your pearls from being damaged.

Don’t Allow Them Near Makeup Or Chemicals

Pearls, including black pearls, are very sensitive not just to chemicals but also to anything alkaline or acidic. Applying cosmetics or perfume can potentially damage the pearls, so it’s best to do so before adding the jewellery.

Keep your black pearl jewellery, especially rings, away from liquids like food and drink as much as possible. In addition, be careful of any food or beverages that could include vinegar or lemon juice, which have a particularly acidic content. Be mindful to either use gloves when washing up or remove rings and bracelets.

Be Careful Removing Pearl Jewellery

Be careful while undoing the clasp on a necklace or pendant by holding it carefully between your fingers, or have someone else do it for you. The same advice should be followed while wearing a bracelet made of black pearls, to avoid touching the pearls where possible.

For instance, when it comes to removing rings, make sure that you are grasping it by the metal component, known as the shank, rather than the pearl itself. This will ensure that the ring is removed without damage. Because of this, the pearl will not get dislodged, and it will also be protected from coming into touch with any oils and creams on your hands.

Store Them In A Jewellery Box

Pearls are incredibly cohesive and shock-resistant, however, they can be scratched by other gemstones and sharp objects. To avoid tangles and scratches, attach clasps and pins, and then place each piece individually in a jewellery box with compartments. Use a jewellery pouch to protect your jewellery when you’re on the go.

Remember that storing pearl jewellery in a secure box for extended periods of time can cause pearls to dehydrate, so make sure to wear them from time to time and don’t leave them languishing. That’s where the old saying ‘pearls want to be worn,’ comes from.

Cleaning Black Pearl Jewellery

Besides making sure they don’t come into contact with food and chemicals that could damage them, it’s a good idea to get into the routine of giving your black pearl jewellery a short cleaning and drying before putting it away in your jewellery box. 

Black pearl jewellery doesn’t need much of an elaborate cleaning routine. But that doesn’t mean they should be neglected. After wearing your pearls, all you need to do is wipe them with a clean or damp, soft towel to remove excess sweat.

Once in a while, you could use a gentle soap such as Dove, or a baby soap bar to give them a more thorough clean. Stay away from standard dishwashing soap; since it contains harsh chemicals that will damage your pearls.

After washing and wiping them, simply lay them out to dry on a level surface on top of a dish towel. If you want to keep your pearls in pristine condition, you should wait to put them away until the towel has fully dried. 

In addition, you could consider polishing them with a delicate cloth that has been dabbed with a little olive oil. This will not only help stop your gorgeous black pearl gems from drying out, but it will also make sure that they keep their exquisite lustre.

Don’t forget finally of course, that if all else fails and you want to give them an extra-special treat, a professional will always be able to help and give them the love and care they deserve to have them look like new.

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