8 Secret Websites And Apps Every Savvy Traveler Needs

To achieve successful travel, make sure to plan and prepare effectively. Instead of meticulously scheduling every minute, focus on equipping yourself with the right tools, such as top-rated travel apps. As frequent travelers ourselves, we have discovered (sometimes the hard way) that having the best resources readily available is crucial for a smooth journey. Take something like the cozycozy app for example, easily and quickly curating a holiday rental and hotel search facility online.

Below, we’ve listed the apps we have on our phones and use daily throughout the planning and travel phases.

Best Apps And Websites For Travel

#1 Airalo

You have three fundamental necessities in life: breathing, eating, and an internet connection. To fulfill your internet needs worldwide, let me introduce you to Airalo.

Essentially, Airalo offers a convenient solution for purchasing eSIMs, enabling seamless access to mobile data in nearly any country. In case you’re not familiar with eSIMs, they are essentially embedded SIM cards in your phone that can be digitally activated. This allows for easy Internet access while traveling to different countries.

#2 Origin

If you’re a frequent traveler, you might find Origin, a membership travel planning company, to be exactly what you need. With a membership, you can enjoy unlimited trip planning, round-the-clock support, and various benefits tailored to your destination. You’ll have a personal curator assigned to you, who will assist in customizing your trip, along with room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, and delightful surprises like a pop-up picnic lunch in a beautiful location. Origin utilizes travel experts and combines their expertise in trip curation with machine learning, all within a single app.

#3 VeePN

The goal of most vacation apps is to make planning and other tasks easier, but we often forget about cybersecurity. VeePN is a solution for your protection, but its capabilities go beyond just cybersecurity. This is a VPN that changes location and allows you to bypass geographic restrictions. If you set a new location on Android, you will be able to watch US Hulu in Italy or UK Netflix in the US. It’s better to immediately figure out how to change phone location so that your bank account does not get frozen for suspicious authorization from an unfamiliar place. VPN will also protect you when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and prevent data theft.

#4 Currency Converter Plus

And let’s talk about money – we live in a capitalist world, don’t we? When you travel, there are various ways to get lost in translation, and one of the most anxiety-inducing, at least for me, is related to money. Imagine you’re in Vietnam and someone hands you a receipt for 2-million dong. It can trigger a mini-heart attack, right? But guess what, it’s not that much – it’s less than USD 100. I use Currency Converter Plus because I’m not a fan of XE’s user interface, but hey, everyone has their preference.

#5 Ferry Scanner

Traveling from one island to another holds a certain enchantment. When it comes to my journeys across the open sea, Ferry Scanner becomes my ultimate go-to. This incredible travel planning website acts as a valuable tool, allowing you to shape your travel itinerary. By the fordable and shortest-duration options available. This ensures that you find the best deals while maintaining an optimal travel time. If you have problems accessing the site, try the VeePN free extension for your browser. The range includes add-ons for almost all browsers.

#6 Essentialist

Essentialist, a travel planning company, collaborates with 150 international editors and 200 local insiders to curate personalized itineraries tailored to your interests and needs. Through their proprietary database, they bring together unique experiences, hotels, restaurants, and activities to craft these personalized itineraries. Using AI matchmaking technology, Essentialist matches you with itinerary elements that perfectly align with your preferences and interests, sifting through countless options to find the best fit. Access your digital itineraries and travel inspiration effortlessly on your smartphones or other devices, ensuring real-time updates while you’re on the go.

#7 Tours By Locals

When you book tour activities with Tours By Locals, you actively support the city you’re visiting. I adore their travel planning website! It’s incredibly user-friendly and offers a variety of useful filters.

Simply enter your travel dates and select the type of tour you want to filter by – they have Multi-Day, Half-Day, and Full-Day options. The tour reviews are also invaluable when deciding what activities to choose.

#8 Gowhee

The Gowhee app aims to simplify travel for families, allowing them to skip the countless hours spent searching online and creating their itineraries. The platform offers more than 30 custom filters, such as on-site cribs and changing tables. For families with special needs, there is even a filter specifically for “sensory sensitive” amenities. Users can search for specific locations or explore on the interactive world map. Parent users add each place to the app, providing their reviews and personal photos. With a yearly subscription of $29.99, the app offers exclusive member “deals” without blackout dates or fine print.


Websites and applications provide valuable opportunities to save time, money, and nerves. Why not take advantage of the benefits of civilization, even with all your travel experience? The services on the list will help make your next trip more comfortable, and maybe even cheaper.

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