Resolving To Not Resolve

I’ve read some wonderful posts today about the significance of a new year and all the promise it brings. I get to the run up to Christmas every year, still the same chaotic disorganisation, the same wonder at how it’s December when I’m still pretending it’s January.

Mainly it’s because I set myself a whole long list of things I want to achieve every year and as the time flies by and not much changes, I lose interest.

So this year, I’m not thinking about big pictures. I want to be happy and peaceful and just see where 2015 takes me, Pete, the puppy; our house and my business. Spending time at the house has brought me peace in a way I never knew before after all those years of renting and despite all the work that needs doing, we’re just taking it one little project at a time.

Who knows what I’ll be writing about this time next year but I’m excited to see what 2015 holds in store. Wishing you all your dreams to come true. X.

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