Monday Catch-Up #55


Finally, finally, this week the sun came out and doesn’t it just make everything seem so much better? The end is in sight now for the work on the front of the house and it’s looking really amazing. Once the scaffolding comes down Pete and I are going to do some painting around the front door and it will be such a transformation from where we started with the house when we first moved in a couple of years ago.



We had a tiny setback with the grey that we gave them to paint the porch roof and hanging tiles – as you can see from the picture above it was just too light and really didn’t create the impact I wanted it to when I saw it after work on Friday. Ever the resourceful we were undeterred and hotfooted it to B&Q on Saturday to get a Valspar masonry paint mixed and then spent Saturday afternoon repainting the lot! If you wonder why we didn’t get the builders to do it, it would have undoubtedly cost more and really, they’d already done the hard work in cleaning the surfaces and we treated the light grey as a primer so it was fairly straightforward.



This week has felt so positive – my half-marathon training is back on track after about 5 weeks of not running at all. I ran 3 miles on Monday and then went on Sunday morning and ran 5, in good time too. I’ve changed my approach, realising that heading to the park and running laps was driving me crazy mentally so now I run along the road and dip and dive off down side roads to have a nosy at the houses. It’s only about a 5 minute run from where we live to roads full of houses worth well over £1 million so it makes for good eye-candy – and as a disclaimer, I absolutely do not live on one of those roads and would never be able to afford to 🙂 But it did the trick and before I knew it I’d stopped thinking about running and was focused on the view instead.



I had a surprise visit from one of my best friends who blogs over at Really Missing Sleep, we met in our last year at Lancaster Uni back in 2000 and have been friends ever since. Sadly as she lives in North Wales we don’t see each other as much as we want but whenever we do it’s always just like old times. I picked her up from Euston on Tuesday evening and we spent the night catching up over chips and booze before I dropped her at the Asda blogging event on Wednesday morning.



It’s been all about autumn/winter previews this week and I was completely enchanted by the Neptune Home collection. It’s a brand I wasn’t familiar with but now want everything they sell. My Christmas list just got very long. Even crazier, I also went to the John Lewis Christmas event on a very warm Thursday lunchtime – so odd to disappear underground and be surrounded by baubles and mechanical Christmas trees (don’t ask!)





On Friday my colleague went on maternity leave whilst she waits for her little girl due in just a couple of weeks, eek! I’ll miss her but the really great news is that she’s bought a house the other side of my park and is no more than a 5 minute walk away. So I’ll get lots of new baby cuddles and she has a ready-made babysitter when she needs one. In honour of her last day I wore my favourite ‘crazy cat lady’ dress, so called because it’s covered in tiny black cats. I have a fair amount of cat-themed clothing…


Aside from painting at the weekend, we went to the new Giraffe in Bromley for breakfast. An outdoor terrace has opened on the edge of the shopping centre in town, bringing Giraffe, Wagamama, Byron, Ed’s Diner and Proper Pie so there’s now even more choice than we already had. The finished painting was celebrated with a bubble bath and champagne and I finally, finally got some blog posts scheduled on Sunday afternoon after knuckling down in the office. Time to sit back and smell the roses.





Hope you’ve had a lovely week X

My colleagues & I are running the Richmond Half Marathon in Richmond for the NSPCC. PUR-LEASE donate a penny or two #kisses

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