Monday Catch-Up #53


It’s safe to say that last week was somewhat of a crazy one and there’s a certain topic that’s been done to death in the past couple of days so I’ll just park that one. It’s too emotional, too exhaustive, too unsure. Needless to say though, I’m ever more proud to live in London and having lived here now for 14 years, longer than anywhere else in my life, strongly consider myself to be a Londoner.


I will however have a moan about the weather. Because that definitely makes us British doesn’t it? Last week we were meant to see progress on the house rendering but it just didn’t happen. The problem is that when it rains heavily, even just for a couple of hours, it can then take two days to dry out before the render can go on, otherwise it’s just sealing the moisture inside the bricks. I’m sure a pants builder wouldn’t give a monkey’s but essentially 5 working days have gone by and we’re no further forward. Fingers crossed for this week.

That’s the moaning over because undoubtedly the best thing to happen last week, and almost certainly one of the best things to happen since I started the blog was that I spent 2 days in Germany with Jen from Love Chic Living and Lottie from Oyster and Pearl courtesy of Villeroy & Boch and it literally was out of this world. We left London City Airport on Tuesday morning and were collected in Luxembourg by a Villeroy & Boch driver who took us to Schloss Saaren in Mettlach (over the border into Germany) which has been the home of the V&B family since it was built in the early 1900’s. We stayed the night there and across the 2 days had a tour of the museum and factories, lunch in Luxembourg and then afternoon tea at Chateau de Septfontaines before flying home on Wednesday evening.





I’ve said on numerous occasions how very blessed I feel with the opportunities that come my way via the blog, no matter how big or small, and the incredibly kind and inspiring people I get to meet. It feels as though life has taken on a new and exciting chapter now I’m in my mid-30’s and I’ve decided to throw myself into things that the courage would have been so lacking to do previously.

Of course returning from such a fun trip away was always bound to be a bit bluesy but it was back to work on Thursday (from home thankfully with the torrential flooding) and my trusty Pilates on Thursday evening. I’ve had such a long break that it almost feels like back to square one and getting back on track with that and half-marathon preparation is the big priority at the moment.


Friday came, Friday went. We cried, we swore, we drank.

And on Saturday the sun shone in the morning, we got up early and took the dog out before I headed into town to Lumiere London for a crafty afternoon of block printing, origami and calligraphy courtesy of Viking Direct. It was the perfect antidote to a difficult day before and I caught up with and met new and friendly faces as well as turning my hand to some new skills. As always, my crafty side abandoned me and I was in awe at some of the creativity on display. I shall stick to writing I think!




Hope you’ve had a lovely week X

My colleagues & I are running the Richmond Half Marathon in Richmond for the NSPCC. PUR-LEASE donate a penny or two #kisses

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