Monday Catch-Up #42


Despite only working two days this week because of Easter Monday and taking my last carry over day off from work on Tuesday, it still somehow felt like a long and full week. Fun but tiring and always looking forward to the weekend.

As unexciting as it sounds, Easter Monday was a bit of a chores day but I did get to try out my new trainers, what do you think of the colour? I’ve never tried New Balance before and have been a staunch Nike girl for many years but now I’m a bit older and care less about brands it’s more about comfort to me and these have it in spades. They are running shoes but my existing pair is in perfectly good nick so I’m toting these around as my “my feet can take heels no more shoes”.



After a tip run and food shop, we headed into Bromley for breakfast at Carluccios. Bromley isn’t a particularly inspiring place but it has a good selection of shops and is only a 5 minute drive from home so it’s much more convenient than trekking into Oxford Street for shopping. I prefer small, independent cafes and boutiques if possible but there’s a huge lack of those unfortunately although there are some decent chains like Fat Face, Jo Malone and The White Company, and Giraffe, Wagamama and Ed’s Diner are all due to open this year. Carluccio’s is always reliable for good food and an exceptionally dark hot chocolate…


Catching up with blogging was the plan for Tuesday, playing around with these beautiful bits and bobs from Cloudberry Living which you can read more about here. Days off are very welcome and although there’s always something to fill the time, my out of office goes on and the day job inbox stays well and truly closed allowing me to focus on much more fun things.




Back to work on Wednesday but catching up with my lovely friend Juliana from interiors store Barnaby & Co was definitely the highlight. I headed to her pop-up shop at Pop Brixton after work and then we headed into Brixton Village for the yummiest Thai food. I opted for Pad Thai with chicken which was insanely tasty but I fear tofu may also be on my ever-growing list of food allergies because my tummy didn’t think it was as tasty. Lesson learned for future. Catching up with Julianna is so good for my soul, we share a similar outlook on juggling work/business/blogging and have such a giggle when we’re together.

Pop Brixton



Thursday felt quite surreal after my ill start to the day in the small hours. It turned out that Maddie was also ill and had been sick at home between when I left for work and when our dog walker arrived to take her out, but as we still had my Mum’s elderly Lab who sadly has bone cancer we thought it might be her. But no – Maddie was sick again whilst out on her walk and then again by the time I got home from work so we booked her into the vets. Not before I got chatting to my next door neighbour who had left out half a packet of Bourbon biscuits and the night before when Maddie (who I shall now rename Houdini) escaped into their garden, she scoffed the lot. Thankfully she was fine as chocolate is highly toxic to dogs but she was left with nothing but a little bruised ego.

Thankfully Pilates in the evening after a gap of about 4 weeks was exactly what I needed, followed up with my favourite Deliciously Ella Buddha Bowl which always puts a smile on my face.



Saturday I had a blissful day all to myself. My Mum and Stepdad arrived back from their holiday to collect their sweet poochy and as they had to get home (they live about 2 hours away, near Cambridge) headed off just after 10. Pete spent the day at the football with his Dad and it meant I was left to my own devices. A little bit of cleaning, a little bit of blogging, a little bit of binge TV-watching (does anyone watch The Walking Dead? I am terrified for the season finale, it’s not looking good) and then a sit down in the sunshine with a cuppa and Ideal Home magazine.


Sunday dawned beautifully sunny again and we headed off to Peckham to do a bit of shopping at Crafty Fox market. It was the first time we’d visited the market in it’s Peckham home and there were so many talented traders selling really stunning pieces. We may have bought a few things home which I’ll save for a separate post or maybe even a little video.



In the afternoon we tackled cutting back some of our sorely overgrown garden in a bid to find out whether Houdini is jumping over the fence into next door’s garden or wriggling under it. The jury’s still out but we got a good couple of hours done, following it up with a walk in Elmstead Woods with the troublemaker before settling down to a cheeky Sunday night drink. Isn’t being an adult great?evening

I hope you’ve had a lovely week X

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  1. April 4, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    You always cram so much into your weeks! Loving that bird feeder and fruit bowl. I have never been to Carluccios – keep meaning to! x

    • Lins
      April 5, 2016 / 7:47 pm

      You know I never think that we do! Although we did decide that if we couldn’t have kids then we’d pack as much into life as possible, after all we’re only visiting for a very short time. If I could I’d do so much more! X

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