Monday Catch Up #27

Bloom and Wild

Some weeks come and go and you can’t even really remember where they went. Last week was all about work and it’s been so full on there wasn’t even any time for blogging which I’ve sorely missed. It’s made me realise how therapeutic writing is, having taken a break for a week.

Aside from long meetings, delayed trains, rainy weather and working late on Monday and Tuesday (albeit from home), I’ve been toting around this rather fabulous new handbag – it’s so giant that my laptop and charger fits perfectly so it’s one less bag to try and lug onto the train with me in the mornings. I’ve also been grateful for our non-dress code – after teetering around London to meetings on Monday in a skirt and high heels, getting caught in the wind and rain, Tuesday was back to normal in jeans and my new boots.

New handbag


On one of my lunch-breaks this week I went for a little stroll along the river and picked up the Christmas Big Issue with a wonderful interview with James Bowen and Street Cat Bob. The picture of Bob is made up of pictures from lots of other cats, isn’t it amazing?

Big Issue

Lunchtime strolls

This week has definitely made better by this very wonderful advent calendar! Behind each door is a different nail polish colour, the brainchild of UR Cheeky which is a spin off of Cowshed. Isn’t it a genius idea? And having tested them out, the quality is really fantastic too. My hands suffer a lot with housework, work and keeping the dog out of trouble and I tend to find most nail polishes already start flaking after just a couple of days but these seem to be able to put up with a lot of punishment. I’m sure by Christmas Day I’ll have every colour under the sun.

Advent Calendar

Nail varnish

On Thursday we had a wonderful post-work treat for our Christmas bash and got all glammed up with partners to go and see The Mikado at the English National Opera. It was such a great evening with drinks in the pub before and after, and Maddie went to stay the night with our dog walker so we didn’t have to worry about dashing back for her. A super excuse to get our glad rags on and enjoy ourselves.

Friday dawned beautifully sunny as I headed into work, and then took the afternoon off to do a bit of shopping. When I got home my little miniature Christmas tree from Bloom & Wild was waiting, having come through the letterbox. Bloom & Wild are such an amazing company and I couldn’t resist buying one of the trees after the super service my Mum had with the flowers I sent for her birthday.

sunny mornings

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild tree

Saturday was Pete’s birthday and my Mum and Stepdad came down late afternoon so we spent the morning cleaning and making it cosy before their arrival. After a lovely meal and champagne at home, we headed off to Shoreditch to see Dead Dog In A Suitcase at the town hall, a production by the Knee High Theatre Company. We’re huge fans of their work and the performers are so talented, most of them not just acting but singing and playing instruments too. It was the first time we’d been to the Town Hall in Shoreditch, it’s a beautiful old Victorian building with the most wonderful ceilings.

Cosy in front of the fire

Shoreditch Town Hall

After a leisurely breakfast on Sunday morning, they set off home and we enjoyed the rest of the day opening pressies and having a restful, cosy afternoon. Such a perfect antidote to a busy working week.


festive decorations

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week X

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  1. Lucy
    December 13, 2015 / 5:08 am

    That card is lovely! And what a great week going to the opera and the theatre. Can I ask where you got the bag from? I keep thinking I should ditch my old rucksack in favour of something much nicer to carry to work with me. X

    • Lins
      December 14, 2015 / 9:11 pm

      Of course lovely, it’s from good old Dorothy Perkins, and I absolutely love it! Xx

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