Monday Catch-Up #104

Chinbrook Meadows Snow 2018

I never thought I’d be writing one of these telling you that since my last post, I’ve been partying in my moon boots in Central London. A) Because it never snows properly in Central London and B) Because I’m 38 now. That’s really too old to be out past 9pm 😉 But when the crazy snow hit us and it co-incided with one of my workmates leaving, partying we went. And it turns out that even though I clearly look older than 18, 21 or even 25, some of these late night licence places STILL ask for ID! Who knew you needed ID as a geriatric?!


So yes, that snow. It was exciting in a childish way and then after the second day of freezing temperatures and problematic travel, it was just annoying. Maddie loved it though and it’s always fun to see if the weather forecasters are right or wrong.

My Sunday Photo - Doggy Snow Day

Snow Grove Park 2018

Snow Grove Park 2018

Snow Grove Park 2018

Drinks Outdoors

And yet less than a week later it was warm enough to sit outside one of our favourite work locals and watch the world go by. I’ve written before about work chaos and it’s still ongoing. There are calls for spontaneous drinks on random week nights just so we can go and have a few gins and put the world to rights. I’m so so grateful to the amazing people i work with. Some of us are closer than family and I do genuinely love them.

My Sunday Photo Springtime River Views

The Hair Cut

If 2018 is the year of self-care, what better to focus on than my hair. I’ve already written about how happy I am with The Box in Deptford. My hairdresser Laura works magic every time I go and leaves me feeling like a million dollars.

The Box Hair Deptford

Getting Ready For Holidays

I can’t believe we’re finally off to Malaysia NEXT MONDAY! Can someone pinch me please?! It feels like it’s been so far away for so long even though we only booked it in January. Still, the weekend was spent sorting, tidying, digging out old summer clothes and shopping for new ones. We feel remarkably organised so far which is not like us at all… famous last words!

Plus, my Toms shoe collection is coming along nicely don’t you think? None of these are for review purposes by the way, just things I’ve bought because I love them so much.

Toms Shoes Holiday Collection

Working With All Plants

I went on a little rant not so long ago about how I wasn’t really keen on these food delivery boxes because they’re very expensive, have TOO MUCH PACKAGING and you still have to make all the food yourself! However, All Plants might just change my opinion. Mainly because they deliver everything ready to go (it’s frozen so just bung it in the freezer ready for when you need it – no cooking HUZZAH!) We’ve been sent three meals – all plant-based of course – to try and so far so good. There’ll be a full post on the blog once we’ve checked them all out.

So there we are, what I’ve been up to in the past couple of weeks and all the things I feel so grateful for. It’s now definitely countdown time to jetting away but it’s going to be a crazy week ahead. Have a wonderful one whatever you get up to X

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