Monday Catch-Up #98

Autumn Fire

Last week was wonderful. The perfect combination of fun blogging events, Halloween, snuggles at home, autumn walks. I talk regularly at work with one of my colleagues about mindfulness and how important it is to be present. Cherish every day, appreciate the little moments. I think I do a pretty good job of this but there’s always room for improvement. Here’s a little peep at some of the happy moments from my week.


Well it had to be, really. This is my favourite event in the calendar now we welcome trick or treaters. I love hearing excited little voices as children come racing up to the house, even if I do eat one too many sweets. Next year I may dress up but for now we just decorate the front door and make sure we’re stocked up on treats. It seems to have turned into quite an event where we live in the last couple of years and a few local residents take part.

Home Etc 123

Halloween House

First Fire Of The Season

We’ve been waiting and waiting throughout a fairly mild October to really justify lighting the log burner. Working from home on Tuesday and thinking Halloween needs a fire, I lit it and we’ve used it every day since. The animals love it and can usually be found curled up in front of it. Absolutely one of the best home improvements we’ve done, it makes the house feel so cosy and we don’t need to use the heating…yet.

Autumn Fires

Solo Cinema Trips And Vegan Christmas Cake

Since going to the cinema by myself for the very first time last month to see ‘It’, it’s literally become one of my favourite things to do. On Monday I took myself to see The Snowman since no-one else I knew wanted to see it. Slightly eerie being in the cinema at Leicester Square all by myself but as soon as you come out of course there are thousands of people everywhere. We should ALL go to the cinema by ourselves – no-one else to worry about, no-one to need to share snacks with. I’m hooked!

And on my weekly Costa visit (it tends to be Fridays when I’m at work), I discovered vegan and gluten-free Christmas Cake slices. They taste SO good, just like a Mr Kipling one and I can eat them. Plus, Costa Christmas cups are far superior to Starbucks ones IMHO.

Chilly Mornings And Beautiful Blue Skies

No matter whether it’s the walk to the station in the mornings, weekend adventures with Maddie, or popping out of the office in my lunch break, there’s always the chance to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. It’s true, I’m much more of a summer bunny but the light in autumn is just beautiful. Plus that smell, oh the smell. You can’t beat damp fallen leaves.

Chilly Mornings

Chilly Mornings

Chilly Mornings

Breakfast with teapigs

Tomorrow’s post is all about the blogger’s breakfast I was invited to by teapigs where we even got to blend our own tea! I’m a bit of a tea addict since I don’t drink coffee. And oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many flavours. Tune in for more adventures in the morning.

teapigs X West Elm

teapigs X West Elm

teapigs X West Elm

The Fur Babies

Now that Boo is older, the two of them don’t spend much time together. But they do club together when the temperatures drop, albeit begrudgingly it looks like and it’s just the cutest thing. I know they’re so popular on Instagram stories because you all message me to tell me how much you love seeing them #allthehearteyes

Fur Babies

Impromptu Friday Drinks

There’s not much better on a Friday than leaving work a little bit early and heading to the pub to make the most of Happy Hour. My colleague and I shared a bottle of Prosecco and lots of chat before heading our separate ways. And then Pete and I had chips from the chip shop for tea before I settled down with Stranger Things. That’s basically a perfect Friday night right there.

Balls Brothers Hays Galleria

Candlelit Bathrooms

After all the candles I had lying around for Halloween, it seemed only right to put them to good use in our bathroom. It almost looks stylish! We still need to sort out the drain so I can actually use the bath here but it sure does look pretty.

Candlelit Bathrooms

The week ahead is looking to be fairly peaceful and uneventful which is just what I need since the next two weeks will be quite full on. Whatever you get up to this week, have a great time! X

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  1. mackenzieglanville
    November 6, 2017 / 7:16 am

    it really looks like such a beautiful week, with plenty packed in. I am slightly jealous of the tea pig breakfast, I saw the tea on your insta and it looked so good!

    • Lins
      November 6, 2017 / 9:06 am

      Thank you lovely, I go through phases of sometimes loving being really busy and other times just wanting to hibernate 🙂 A much quieter week ahead I think! X

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