Monday Catch-Up #97

Giddy Grocer Bermondsey Street

Last week felt like the most blissful combination of a mixture of days. A night out, blogging, treating my Mum to birthday lunch, lunchbreak strolls, a day off work, heading back to the gym. Loving and appreciating every minute. Days and nights that you wish could last forever, or at least capture that happy feeling all the time.

A Bermondsey Street Stroll

In amongst all the frenetic chaos that surrounds the rebuilding of London Bridge station, Bermondsey Street remains a haven of tranquillity. It’s independent shops housed in beautiful old buildings and village atmosphere make it perfect for a stroll. I had a few bits and pieces to pick up so made a beeline for it on my lunchbreak and spied the Giddy Grocer (above), a general store with the most dreamy decor. I bought a couple of birthday presents and then stopped by my favourite pet shop, Holly and Lil to get some treats for the fur faces. Bermondsey Street is super dog friendly, even the estate agents have bowls of dog biscuits outside.

Holly and Lil Bermondsey Street

Stunning Flower Displays

Our super neighbours dropped of this absolutely stunning flower display one evening. It was to say thank you for something I’d helped them with the week before and such a kind, unexpected gesture. The only problem is that this corner of our living room will feel very empty when they’re finished. Aren’t they beautiful?!

JS Flower Company

Cooking With Hello Fresh

A few weeks ago I received some vouchers through the post to give Hello Fresh a go at a reduced rate. Curious to see if it would make a difference to my life and because so many people rave about it, I ordered a couple of weeks of veggie boxes. It’s been an interesting trial. We’re not natural cooks and there are some evenings when I have so much to do when I get home from work that I prefer just to heat us some soup or do a bit of batch cooking to avoid having to spend every evening in the kitchen.

Hello Fresh is labour-intensive, no matter what people say. You still have to prepare and cook everything, which for a full-price of £35 a week for 3 vegetarian dinners is hellishly expensive. I’m also not on board with the amount of packaging they have to use and the food is not always particularly healthy.

That said, dare I say cooking a bit more has been enjoyable and every meal we’ve had has been very tasty. Check out my French-style lentils with roasted root veg. Looks like a restaurant no? 😉

Hello Fresh

Birthday Lunch For My Mum

Taking advantage of the most beautiful October day I think there’s ever been, I took my Mum to the new Ivy which has opened at Tower Bridge. It was a complete treat from start to finish – sitting outdoors, wonderful service, amazing cocktails and delicious food. And since we didn’t actually venture inside to check out the interiors, it’s a very valid excuse to head back…

The Ivy Tower Bridge

The Ivy Tower Bridge

Partying At Habitat

It’s quite rare to be able to take plus ones to blogging events so when Habitat invited me to their flagship Tottenham Court Road store for #HabitatLightClub and said I could bring a couple of friends, it was the perfect opportunity to treat a couple of my work friends. They’re always so supportive and ask about blogging life and what I get up to. It’s quite surreal to find the basement of a store turned into an early doors nightclub but we took advantage of some fabulous free drinks before heading off into the night.

Habitat Light Club

Habitat Light Club

Influencer Lunch With Houzz

Normally my Saturdays are fairly unadventurous. Cleaning, food shopping, walking the dog. Not this Saturday though. I whizzed into town for an influencer lunch with Houzz as around 15 of us took over the private dining on the first floor of The Ninth in Fitzrovia. What a wonderful way to spend a few hours. We drank wine, talked interiors and enjoyed scrummy food.

The Ninth Restaurant

The Ninth Restaurant

It feels like so much peace and contentment has arrived lately it’s easy to see the beauty in every day, both little and big moments. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead X

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