Monday Catch-Up #96

Little Boo Cat

Considering this is meant to be a weekly catch up of little gratitude moments, this is probably going to be a very short post. There are just two words I need to describe last week and those are “chest infection”. I’d been feeling a little under the weather towards the end of the week before but went to work on Monday and then succumbed.

As someone who’s never smoked even one cigarette, it’s funny to sound like I have a 60-a-day habit, but not fun. I am a self-confessed terrible patient, literally the worst. I hate resting and doing nothing. It’s super boring and there’s only so much crap TV to be watched. Hopefully the worst of it seems to be over but I’m now dealing with a fractured rib caused by too much coughing so this week ahead can only get better!

It’s not all doom and gloom though, here’s what’s got me through the sick week.

The Little Man

A super great excuse to stay tucked up in bed with this little guy keeping me company. He’s normally out and about during the day when we’re at work and stays in at nighttime. Ultimately though he’s very much a people cat and was very happy I’ve been around so much. In typical male cat fashion, he’s also pretty lazy…

Little Boo Cat

Box Set Marathons

What good is a sick bed with out trash TV? It’s like salt without pepper. I worked my way through Sky Atlantic’s “Riviera” (how much does Julia Stiles rock a shirt-dress?) and have now started on BBC’s latest Scandi-noir ‘Black Lake’. Both recommended but equally silly, I haven’t finished Black Lake yet but I’m not holding out hope for it to be realistic.

The Latest Home Update

I’m feeling a little bit of renewed love for our home renovation and on Thursday, Freeborn Carpentry came to fit picture rails in one of our bedrooms. I have no idea why people take period features out of houses, it drives me crazy but since we do have a 1930’s house and some of the rooms still have picture rails, we knew they’d have been an original feature.

Seizing the day, I used some of the weekend to paint them and then decided to start painting the room using leftover Valspar paint from our bedroom makeover at Easter. It needs a bit more work but it’s coming along beautifully.

Freeborn Carpentry New Picture Rails

Freeborn Carpentry New Picture Rails

Freeborn Carpentry New Picture Rails

Supporting New Local Shops

Just up the road from us is a little part of London that feels fairly village-y, with independent shops and cafes. A new addition to the area is stylish deli “Larder”. I’ve been monitoring progress for ages and after a couple of delays they’re now open! How gorgeous is this little place? We popped in so Pete could pick up some sausages and eggs and I can’t wait to see what treats they bring in for Christmas.

Larder Sundridge Park

Beautiful Autumn Walks

On such a gorgeous weekend, we headed off to find a new dog walk. Joyden’s Wood near Bexley is about 25 minutes drive and stomping around in the autumn sunshine was the perfect way to start a weekend. Until Maddie found the filthiest, smelliest stagnant water to bathe in. Who’d have a dog?!

Joyden's Wood

Joyden's Wood

Joyden's Wood

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