Monday Catch-Up #95

Monday Catch Up 95

It occurred to me that I haven’t written a proper little catch up post lately. In part, some weeks were so busy I was struggling just to keep up with everything, and then weeks so quiet it didn’t feel like much had happened. But ‘because things happen’ is not why I started writing these little weekly flashbacks in the first place. It was to celebrate the small things, the nothing. Little wins and an appreciation of life in general. Not because it was particularly glamorous or exciting but because there was a great cup of tea or a beautifully sunny morning, like the one above as I walked through the park to the station last week.

H A P P I N E S S. It’s all that any of us should be striving for. And it can come with the smallest little triumphs. There’s a film by Richard Curtis called ‘About Time’. It’s daft and twee just like all his films but I have a bit of a massive girl crush on Rachel McAdams so I’ve seen it about 30 times. Right at the end, main character Domhnall Gleeson lives the same day in two different ways. One, as if he was just going through the motions, nothing special. Two, choosing happiness. To notice the little things, to stop and engage with the sandwich seller, to dance along to the guy’s overly loud music on the Tube. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather be happy than miserable, if you could choose?

I also read this post from Charlotte over at The Home That Made Me. Another reminder to embrace it all. Sometimes it takes a health scare or a difficult time to remind us how precious life is but you really just got to go for it. So here’s what’s made me happy in this fairly quiet week, aside from that glorious autumn sunshine above.


Yeah, baby. With more food fads than common sense (I’m very tongue-in-cheek about it all, believe me) I can struggle to find good stuff to eat of a spontaneous nature. When we were on holiday in Cotswolds, we found an amazing pizza place in Cheltenham called The Stable which turned out to be a small chain, originating in the south-west. And there I ate the best gluten-free, vegan pizza EVER. In fact, sod the gluten-free, vegan bit, even when I was a ravenous meat-eater without a care in the world, I hadn’t tasted a pizza like this one.

So, delightfully, it turns out they have one restaurant in London’s Whitechapel. Happy Days Indeed. We had a little cheeky post-work date-night on Friday to see if the pizza at this branch lived up to the hype and it really did. And you be a totally normal eating person and enjoy any kind of pizza there, it’s not just a restaurant for gluten-free, vegan people (which is what one of my colleagues thought, bless!) They also do wicked ciders and live music and just the building itself is beautiful especially if you’re an interiors fanatic. Thumbs up.

The Stable Whitechapel Vegan Pizza

Meeting Insta-Friends

Social media is for me a pretty positive place. I love getting to know people and then grabbing the opportunity to meet up in real life when it comes. The lovely Lianne invited me to an art evening at her gorgeous flat in Nunhead, one of my neighbouring south-east London areas and it was such a fun evening. Drinking red wine, getting to know some new IGers and bloggers and picking up a couple of pieces of atwork for our home from the Tipperleyhill ladies. This one has already found a spot at home.

Tala LED Lighting

Exploring London’s Streets

It was such a lovely evening on Friday that I decided to walk from our office at London Bridge to meet Pete in Whitechapel. It only takes about half an hour but because I was early I went off exploring and ended up discovering Fournier Street which featured in yesterday’s My Sunday Photo post. I had NO idea what a remarkable history this relatively short street of houses has but it’s like a road from time gone by. Do check it out if you’re in London.

My Sunday Photo Fournier Street

Fournier Street

Gorgeous Gifts

I’m doing a bit of work with Oxfordshire-based Feather and Nest for the blog. They sent me some samples of the gorgeous products they sell via their shop and website and in a torrential downpour I went to collect it from the post office. Such a treat to unwrap and see what was inside. They’ll be popping up in tomorrow’s post so be sure to check back then and read more about them.

Feather and Nest

I have another fairly quiet week lined up ahead and am secretly hoping for a drop in temperatures to justify lighting the fire. It’s so mild that we haven’t even had the heating on! Whatever you get up this week I hope it’s a good one and remember to savour those cups of tea!

Reflections From Me

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  1. Lucy
    October 10, 2017 / 8:18 am

    Ooh the Feather and Nest goodies look lovely. It can be frustrating how in some moment’s it’s easy to choose to be happy, or to see the good things about a situation, and at other times it’s so damn difficult! I’m glad the pizza worked out and lived up to expectations when you had it again. We have The Stable here in Briz down on the harbourside but haven’t yet been – I may propose it to James as a pre Bladerunner dinner! Have a good week 🙂

    • Lins
      October 11, 2017 / 9:57 am

      Oh yes do go to the pizza place if you can…and I’ll be very interested to hear what you think of Bladerunner. My lips are sealed 😉 Xx

  2. mackenzieglanville
    October 13, 2017 / 2:17 am

    I am loving everything about this post and feeling very jealous right now. That pizza oh my gosh I want it right now! If I make it over to your country you are so taking me there. #mg

  3. October 13, 2017 / 9:48 pm

    Two places that are close to my heart here and cups of tea to be savored always go down well here. #mg

    • Lins
      October 16, 2017 / 8:34 pm

      Thanks so much for stopping by lovely X

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