Monday Catch-Up #89

Dalloway Terrace

Last week saw me flying solo from Sunday to Friday as Mr D headed State-side for a work trip. It also coincided with our 10th wedding anniversary! How did that happen? I literally feel that the decade has passed in the blink of an eye which must be a good thing. It did feel like a long week though. I love my independence but there’s only so many evenings a girl wants to be home alone.

But in the absence of company, here’s what made me happy last week.

London Sightseeing

My trains to and from the office are normally pretty reliable but it wasn’t a good week for train travel. Opting to make my way to a different station and then walk to the office, it reminded me all over again why I love London. It’s such a stunning city especially when the sun is shining. A walk along the river is the perfect way to start the day.

My Sunday Photo London Village

Tate Modern Gallery

Shakespeare Globe Theatre

Breakfast at Dalloway Terrace

Aren’t renovation projects time-sapping? We often find weekends disappearing in a blue of B&Q visits and spray paint. With Pete back from his business trip and a wedding anniversary to celebrate, we opted for a glam breakfast out on Sunday. There are so many great places to eat in London and we live where we do so we can take advantage of life here. Dalloway Terrace was just as beautiful as their Instagram account would have you believe and I’m so glad we got to try it. Plus, it’s affiliated to the hotel where Pete and I first met back in 2003. Romantic or what?!

Catering for gluten-free wasn’t a problem and I opted for avocado and vine tomatoes on gluten-free toast, doing my best to stick to my new-found veganism as much as I can. It’s not easy when you’re GF too let me tell you, but best effort is better than none at all. It was the perfect way to start a Sunday and we *may* make a habit of a monthly Sunday breakfast out. Why not?

Dalloway Terrace

A New Interior Accessory

I could faff forever with our bedroom. The painting may be done but despite that happening back at Easter, the room itself still isn’t finished. Sigh. I did treat myself to this fab ‘Boudoir’ lightbox from Violet and Thistle and it’s perfect. Supporting small, independent businesses is so important and when the high street is so uninspiring, I’m turning to online shopping more and more.

Home Etc Link Up Bedroom

The Interiors Previews

It’s the crazy time of year when all the brands are launching their new seasons and shhhh *Christmas* collections. Of course, for mainstream journalists they need to know what’s coming up so that all the publications can be prepared. It’s still such an odd experience to be looking for Christmas ideas in the middle of summer but you get used to it.

This week I popped along to the Pure PR interiors collection, followed by Debenhams, and when in Fitzrovia it would be totally rude not to pop into gluten-free bakery Beyond Bread.

Pure PR Interiors Preview

Debenhams Christmas Preview

Beyond Bread Gluten Free Bakery

What Else I Loved This Week:

Joining the gym – with my Pilates teacher moving to New Zealand it frees up budget so I’ve finally decided to join the gym at work. It’s not cheap but I hope that means I’ll use it regularly and after a tester session last week where I went swimming twice, decided it was time to stop talking and start exercising. Watch this space!

Cinema Trip – we went to see Dunkirk at Greenwich Picturehouse on Saturday night and it was just as amazing as all the reviews say. I literally didn’t move a muscle from start to finish so definitely go and see it even if you don’t like war/history films. It’s a drama, plain and simple and what’s not to like about Tom Hardy…!

A Day Off – with Pete arriving home early on Friday, I decided to take the day off. He still had quite a bit of work to finish so I went for a run in the local park, popped to the Manufactum press preview at The Hoxton in Holborn and generally felt very grateful that having a full-time job means I get paid time off. What a bonus.

Catching Up With Blogging Friends

On Wednesday evening I headed to Wimbledon for an evening at home and interiors store Neptune. The event was hosted by Sunita from Lucky Things Blog, talking about how important the home is to contribute to our confidence. I feel as though blogging as unleashed a whole new world of friendships for me and it was lovely to sip Prosecco with my blogging buddies Antonia, Ruth and Melanie whilst catching up on the world of interiors.

It’s all back to normal for the week ahead and we don’t have too much planned. Whatever you get up to, have a wonderful week and come and say hello on Instagram X

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