Monday Catch-Up #88

Monday Catch Up 88

Life has felt a bit overwhelming lately. Long work days and even longer DIY evenings when it feels like everyone else is out, having fun. It’s not true of course, this is the downside of our phones. Everyone else’s life looks so glamorous and exciting. But whilst these are my gratitude posts, we have to keep it real too, right?

So in the scheme of focusing on the positive, here’s what we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks:

Painting, painting and more painting

Blogging collaborations are amazing. I’ll forever feel grateful for each opportunity that comes my way. Unfortunately I’m one of those who spends a long time agonising over trying to repay the brands and they can be all-consuming. We finally decided on replacement units for the bathroom and made an evening trip to IKEA.

This being me though, the shop-bought version wasn’t good enough so set about ‘hacking’ and it’s been painful. We finally fitted the units this weekend and in lieu of a full, finished post here’s a sneak preview. So happy with the end result which is now black and copper instead of brown and chrome.

IKEA Cupboard Hack Bathroom Makeover

Starting 10th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

It feels impossible to imagine, but our 10th wedding anniversary is on July 20th! It has passed in the blink of an eye which must be a good thing. As Pete will be away on business, we’re staggering our celebrations. First stop, amazing gluten-free restaurant ‘Indigo’ which is part of super-stylish Theatreland hotel, One Aldwych. Everything is gluten and dairy free and we feasted like kings, so much so there was barely room for this beautiful surprise cake they brought us at the end of our meal. Whether you have food intolerance or not, it’s a wonderful venue for dinner.

Indigo Restaurant Gluten Free

Country Pub Life

Last Sunday we did manage to leave the house and took Maddie to the Hertfordshire countryside to catch up with family at The Farmers Boy in Brickendon. Rain threatened but it was a beautiful afternoon in the sunshine and we sat outside for a few hours over lunch and a sneaky G&T. Escaping the city is definitely good for the soul every once in a while.

The Farmers Boy Pub Brickendon

Trying Out A New Face

Whilst the blog is mainly interiors-focused it’s always fun to try something different. Last Monday I returned to my old home of West London to try out the DMK enzyme therapy facial in Chelsea. Reading about it beforehand probably wasn’t such a good idea as it’s quite an intensive process. However, spending a couple of hours (!!) switching off from the world was exactly what the doctor ordered and I felt and looked so rejuvenated. Full review coming soon but here’s a little peep at the before and after…!

DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial

DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial

Dinner With Gorgeous Blogger Ladies

There comes a time for most people where unless you’re a parent (and sometimes even if you are), it becomes quite hard to make new friends. You don’t go out as much anymore because all your other friends are settled and on strict parent duties. So blogging has been the best lifeline for me for so many reasons – growing more confident, meeting new people both online and in real life who may be parents, may not, but either way their life is not all about children. It’s a BREATH of fresh air. People with similar interests and similar outlooks.

Two of these ladies are Antonia from Tinker Tailor Online and Ruth from Design Soda, who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know in a virtual world and now consider them so much fun to hang out with offline too! We headed for dinner at the rather stylish Rail House Cafe, part of the new Nova Victoria complex. Because if you’re Insta-friends, then whenever you go has to have great loos right?

Rail House Cafe Toilets

So this week ahead I’m flying solo, Pete will be back on Friday which gives me 5 whole nights by myself. Hopefully work will fill the time and I’ll get up to something fun but right now Friday feels a very long time away. I hope you have a fantastic week whatever you get up to X

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